Hey guys! I've just realized I passed 2000 edits, and I've seen many new & fresh editors and I have been in many decisions and seen many edits all over the wiki. So I would like to say a few words, you might find them corny or exaggerated, because I just love it! XP So now, the few words I would like to say go to;


Man, what great times we had, and we shall have much more~. It may make me sound like a noob, but how did you change your name?


Thanks for the awesome contributions you have done to the wiki. Just like Brady, we are going to have many more fun times. :)


Heya Benz! Congratulations on getting Rollback!...yeah...that's it. XP




What's with the Hello Kitty photo?! Lulz, but I'm not finished. Thanks for your great contribution on this wiki, creating order throughout the wiki.


...oh hey! I was picking my nose...uhh...I mean licking my...toes...anyway! You're an awesome gradient...uhh...I mean awesome friend...right...on to the next one!


Haha, you thought I would just like you with a hey? Haha, you know just like Dahimi, thanks for creating order throughout the wiki. I really wonder what happened to Tonkaty...


Well, I know you are very busy. This isn't a job, but still thanks for your great contributions for the wiki.


You are a great addition to the team, both in-game and in this wiki. Thanks a lot!

Scotty827 & Boneyard

Thanks for interviewing us, hopefully that got you some fans in the stands~ and hopefully that got us some fans in the stands~. :D

Staff Members

Hey, thanks for helping out with me. We had a blast!

Clan Members

Thanks for putting up with my decisions and annoyment. :D

Every Single Editor

Thanks for contributing and trying your best! Except for the vandalizers -.-

More will be added's either I'm too lazy, or just having a ball playing Minecraft or something.

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