Back just in time! (April 18, 2013)

Welcome back! Time for another journal by your awesome pal; BlazedDragon! This time, I'M WIPED! If you did not know, I was on camp from April 15-17, I have talked about this over at Dragon Knightz Forums by the way, over here. Anyway, more about my trip, IT WAS AWESOME! Since I'm Year 7 and this is our first year together, and that is the first time the entire Year 7 body meet each other—we aren't confined or anything it's just that there are so many people in the school—and Im just gonna say it anyway, but I met a hot chick—I'm just saying it because no one from my school is gonna look here, I mean seriously—I don't want to go into details, Clash of Clans Wiki laws so I can't, sorry.

I will go into the details of my camp trip. It was so fun. Great facilities, great food—ironically. Anyway, I had a great time, sleep? I guess you can say it was great. On the first night, I got into trouble, I had to sit on the stairs for 5 minutes before I can go back to sleep, what I did was; I stood up just to get something, so I checked outside, then a teacher came in, I was shocked and I didn't even explain why I was out of my bed. I still wasn't able to sleep after that. Next door was noisy-ass, that the teacher left their door open through-out the night, I'm not sure how they slept, but yeah! On the second night, I slept really smoothly, so nothing much to say, just a common camp thing, called homesick then afterwards used to it. The Giant Swing was scary, I'm afraid of heights, like seriously, I only went half-way, so that is 10 meters off the ground. We did other stuff, which wasn't really important, or I will just be going on about how awesome it was. Overall, the camp was awesome, I would really love to visit it again. Oh and one more thing! Apparently there was a theme at the disco, Superheroes O.o, I didn't know, because I had a massive headache on the day, here is all about it.

Now on to Clash of Clans...

Update is out! Some players say its awesome, some say it can do better. I say that Clash of Clans did an awesome job with the new update, I don't think players are getting the message that they have to PUSH harder and PLAY stronger to reach the 100,000 jackpot, this is a way for you to get more excited and feel better about the game, guess players have different feeling or mind-sets. Don't worry what I just said, Psychology stuff. Anyway, something great has come along, Clan Mail! Unfortunately, they don't designate it to players, which sucks, good thing we have a website and a forums page. (whispers) Now everyone will do it (whispers). Anyway, Clash of Clans Podcast Episode 9 is out, it's about me, just talking about clans with them. You can check it out nao!

Now onto Dragon Knightz!...

I must say nothing much happened, there probably was tons of stuff, but I probably forgot them due to camp and such, so nothing much to say, but I hope guys enjoyed the comeback to BlazedDragon's Clan Journal, and hope to see you soon!

Mucking Around with Benz O.o (April 20, 2013)

The title says all! Benz joined the clan as a noobie, joined with only 800+ trophies O.o, I'm not sure if I will permit it, but I guess just for now...Anyway! Here is a short summary of what happened:

Benz and I, we were just chatting, having a few beers and laughs, then all of a sudden Madison requested to join. It wasn't long till we decided to have a bit of fun. So I told him to kick Madison whenever we got serious or whenever it's funny. We did that and had a whole heap of laughs, I know it is mean, but like, he was annoying & was being a jerk, he got what he gave us. Dang, it's hard-ass to not say 'she', in case you guys don't know, Madison is actually a 'he'. Anyway, you can learn more about our bundles of fun right here. It's links with pictures on them, so it's going to be a bit tiring. Zetaboards should really not use URLs for posting photos.

So go check that out, I have an idea for you guys to get updated when I post something, but it is not an official project, so I will not release it, but I will release this: "Placated Burgh Dozen". See you on the next one!

How Powerful this clan is (April 22, 2013)

Ch'yo! Now you might realize, there is some sort of pattern here. There isn't. It just happens that I post every 2nd day, with school commencing and all that.

I remember one time Zim was going to take a break and study, but he then returned because of how strong this game was. Not how powerful or any of the sort, just it's a great game, and it is! Now onto our topic; how powerful this clan is. Now again, not as in strong or any of the sort. Meaning how great it is. I'm not sure if you remember, noel, noel go & irisjoyce, used to be in the clan, but left to seek for a better clan. There were stronger clans, but not as great as us, as in, not as friendly or awesome as we are. So now they have decided to come back, and now they have been trying, but keep getting rejected, because of what they have done in the past. I will not say it is unforgivable, but they will get the boot eventually. Another example of how strong we are is; Ifiwasjake4ever—By the way, I asked him if I can use him and he said yes. He left the clan, because he thought he needed to have some alone time, to get through what he was feeling earlier. He would call it exile. But no matter what he did, he came back, that is how powerful we are. They all just come back, even though they have decided to search for the better. The last example I will use is Dragon Rider Me, or DRider, Rider, Dragon, DRM, eh-teh-keh. I remember one time, he left without a word, and everyone was confused as to why he left. Then after some point, he came back. A miracle, you might say.

This is just how powerful our clan is. Players come and go. But in some cases, they just keep coming back. The story I have told you reminds me of the story of The Prodigal Son. It relates really well. They just keep coming back~

The Two-Day Pattern (ANZAC Day/The last day of World War 2)

Alright, this 2-day pattern is getting really repetitive. I'm am not doing this on purpose, I promise you guys. In truth, I don't know why this always happens. I'm just very busy this week. Anyway, for us Aussies, today is ANZAC day, which means; Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It is a very important day for the entire world, of course, it is not called ANZAC day in other countries. Now, back to the show!

I'm currently writing this at a friends house, and they have tons of dogs. Sorry, got off-track. We want every player to always donate, even though they have a request open. ALWAYS DONATE and you will find yourself a great player in Dragon Knightz. If you guys keep going this way, at some point no one will donate to each other and you guys will have empty requests open and that is just stupid. If you guys catch anyone doing such, report to an elder immediately. You can contact us player-to-player, through the forums, our email address: or through the website, which is still undergoing some changes.

So that's all what is up about the clan, it is not guaranteed I will not be busy next week, but I will try my best coming online. See you guys on the next one! Oh, and I will try and break this 2-day pattern, it has to break eventually!

The Two-Day Pattern Broken! But a new problem arises... (April 28, 2013)

Yes! You read it right here! I have finally broken the "curse", but the problem is, it's 3 been days since I last wrote on here! This is bad, I must do something...NOW BACK TO THE SHOW

Zim left a peculiar note this morning. He says that he is going to a different clan, but we don't know if that's going to be his usual clan or what. Many of the players are getting worried that they are getting really negative. Stay Positive! I wrote a post about it on the forums, take a look.

The May 2013 Elections have been announced! And the nomination process will begin on May 2, 2013. Normally, it's on the 3rd, but it's my sister's birthday, so it's not guaranteed that I will be online at all, maybe, probably. Anyway, the link is also what's above. I have changed the system a bit, you now have to get 3 yes, but if you get 1 no, you get downgraded to 2 yes. CHOOSE WISELY

My Grand Return! (May 3, 2013)

And I'm back! With another Clash of Clans Journal~

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting, it's just I'm working on FOAR projects. I've told you one; Placated Burgh Dozen. The second one is kind of confidential, it related to the Clan Journal. The third is also confidential, but relates to the wiki. And the last one relates to school, and that is homework~. If you guys know what the other 3 is, please don't blurt it out, let the others figure it out, trust me, it will be a whole heap of fun seeing those guys use their heads really hard, I've done it before.

So, on to the clan!

We are shutting down the Trophy Push system. It surely does bring our trophies up, but we are losing members, fast, from the kicking. This will surely turn the clan's frown upside down, but I need you to turn it around again, because it is official that Zim is out of the clan for good. The thing is, he finally found a Brunei clan—whose name is actually 'Brunei Clan'—but he said he will come back time by time. That's why me and the only Co-Leader left, Hammer, are figuring out whether or not to welcome them back. Because an unspoken rule is that if you leave without a word, you don't come back, at all! Unless you are given a second chance, then lucky for you. But if we left them out, it might spark a riot. So we are deciding whether or not to welcome them back.

May 2013 Elections are on! The nomination process just started yesterday and we currently have 3 nominations! Yay! Hopefully there will be more in the future. Also, about the Trophy Push system, I am shutting it down on May 10, 2013, right when everyone in the clan is on 1200. It just happened to be on a Friday, so I'm doing it there.

Also, as you know, May 10 is the Clan's 6-month Anniversary! I'm not sure what special thing I will do, but it might just come around. Well, that is it! That's everything that you need to know. Again, please don't post about what are my confidential projects, I'll tell you guys soon!

Free Time is gone and the schedule begins! (May 4, 2013)

Ok, I'm getting really busy lately, with a lot of things to do. I'm sorry, but I won't be active as such for this week, but I will be here for the 6-month Anniversary! I promise. I might post on other days, but it's not guaranteed.

Well, sorry for short post, but see you guys soon!

Try and try again (May 5, 2013)

Earlier today, I had a Tennis match, and we got thrashed on the single matches, so I was afraid that I was going to lose—I was playing both Single & Double matches by the way. But you know what, I couldn't just run away or hide, so I just had to do it, and you know what? We won 6-4. Think about it. My confidence was really low, but I just did it anyway, and I won! And that is what we are going to do to the clan. Just because we are down low, does not mean we are going to give up. I can't give up, this is my fate, my destiny! What's yours?

Now on to the clan. I am shutting down the Trophy Push system, for a number of reasons;

  1. We are losing valued members.
  2. The issuer—that's Sleepz—is long gone.
  3. It doesn't really correspond with the Anniversary. I would rather have it correspond, than having to lose members and slow it down. So, you guys have time to chill, until the 10th comes around.

On farming, I will have to figure out how to deal with it. If you guys have any suggestions, tell me down below.

BD asks for help?! (May 7, 2013)

Go to this thread for more information about what I'm about to talk about.

So, I am introducing a donation count. It won't be too high nor too low, that's why I was testing some donation counts, and this week shall be my last test. On May 10, I will be announcing what the count will be, and on May 13, we will start that count. If you have any suggestions on what the count should be, tell me down below.

On to what you can read on the title! I am asking for some help. If you would like to join the clan, and help us get back to where we were, come and join us! Our limit is 1100, but as you have read on the past pages, we have a moving limit, which is 1200, by this Friday. If you would like to join, you can join! I've been getting a few requests on my Message Wall saying that if they can join my clan, and the answer is YES. So join now!

5 or 6? (Dragon Knightz' 5-month Anniversary)

As you can read from your screen, I can't seem to figure out if it's 5 or 6 months. You guys can decide or figure it out, because I'm pretty tired at the moment. Anyway, let's recap on what we did for the past few months;

Date Announced/Released Definition
January 10, 2013 Nothing much I was on Vacation, so I wasn't online for long.
February 10, 2013 Feeder & Farming Clan Expanded the Dragon Knightz Community
March 10, 2013 Feeder Clan disbands & The List It may have stretched us further, but it went really bad.
April 10, 2013 Website, Forums, Email releases Another way to stretch us even further.

Now for this month, we announce a Donation Count. It is fairly easy to reach, the limit will be 300. Then if we do well, I'll increase it to 400, then 500, then so on and so forth. Keep in mind, I will not do this throughout the month, it is not guaranteed. What is true & guaranteed is that there is a Donation Count and it's on 300. So now for our newly appointed Elders:


  • Dragon Rider Me
  • Jeremy
  • Fluffy Kittens
  • Cooldude8484
  • Ult1mateG4m3r
  • Sinister Smith
  • Nick

A player is back on the job, welcome back; Ifiwasjake4ever. We welcome you back with open arms! Unfortunately, one player didn't make it through; Mezooprince.

With that note, over at the Dragon Knightz Forums, I have added in a May 2013 Update, click the link to view it. That's it! See you guys on the next one!


This journal was a bit of ups and downs, but it was exciting to experience as such.

Sorry, short post, but I will see you guys on the next one!

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