Trying out a Feeder clan?! (February 24, 2013)

Hey I'm back! I just realized, if you go to the January-February Edition, I also started on the 24th day! Coincidence? Anyways, I'm back, and a whole lot of stuff happened.

The first Feeder clan didn't go well, Alex was leading it, with a couple of his friends; isiaih & Optic, and for some reason, Alex got bored and disbanded the clan, well it's alright, I guess, we were losing a lot of players lately.

Then I forgot to give someone Leader, luckily the clan didn't disband, because of the new update, but the title fell upon moka, whom hasn't been on for a month! This was bad, we had to try and transport every player to the new clan. Unfortunately, we left some behind, and they left, especially Jackory, you shall be remembered. It's all my fault. We also lost Unknown Legend, but he came back quickly after that.

I raised the trophy limit to 800, and Syn joined the clan! That's awesome, we chatted for long minutes, and it was blast. We also had Benz visit too and that was it. I just realized that the clan is full! As in 50 members in a clan! Wow who would have thought I would lead a 50 member clan, and you know what would be thought of? I would be leading an 100 member clan, yes, I reopened the Feeder clan, this time Zim took up the job. He did an awesome job, we currently have 44 members-including some members from the original clan who wanted to help out-in the feeder clan! That is awesome! Hopefully, Alex wont get jealous.

My clan journal is getting popular now! Even around DKz & DTz! Now a few members are reading this page right now! Yep, I can see you guys! You can't fluke me. Anyways, I'm currently in DTz, well, not exacly helping out, but I'm doing massive farmings, just so I can grab a Level 8 Town Hall, which won't be easy, I tell you, there are many players out there hungry for my gold. At the moment, I am 77.5% of the way there, I did the math, so I have 155 000 gold right now. Now that people said I should continue my journals, I have created a Lobby page for it, you can check it out if you want. Also, my clan strategy guides are always open to the public. I'm planning of making a guide to making the types of clans (Trophy, Feeder, Farming, ETC), but maybe when I get the Farming clan or maybe at the school breaks!

Anyways, this was the first page of edition 2 of my clan journal, and I hope you enjoyed. TTYL! (Talk to ya later!) By the way, since people want to see me—as Hammer says—I'm chilling around DTz, because I farming like crazy, I want my Town Hall to upgrade, so I can put that challenge aside. So if you want to find me, look for DTz and check us out, maybe you would wish to join the Dragon Dynasty.

Zim's Explosion (February 25, 2013)

Sorry for the late response guys! Really busy yesterday, and still busy today! Tomorrow will also be a busy day too, I have to study for a Science & Math test. I think I will swing the Math test, but not the Science, we have to create a detailed prac report, which I'm not really the best at. I'm good at being "detailed", but not on reports, I like my reports quick and smooth. Anyways, back to the show!

Well, what happened was weird...I heard Zim "exploded"...Is that even possible? Zim is like the calmest player I know, sleepinz told me he was angry about Madison about something—that I can't remember. There is one player that I know who raged many times. Remember Baylee? Man, he complained about every single thing, and when we were making decisions, he would always answer right away, without even justifying them.

We were thinking about those troop nickers we have, and I think it is time we got rid of them, so we did! By the way, if you guys were the ones kicked and is reading this at the moment, you now know what you were kicked for. So we now have 14 members including me, so now I'm leading a clan of 53 players, wow sure was nice to lead a clan of 80+, but it's for the good of the clan!

Hang out with the mastermind, BD (February 26, 2013)

I finally got my Town Hall upgraded! Now I can return to DKz and fix up any "damage" that they have done, it's not gonna be an easy job, but hey! When is leading a clan ever easy? So expect a lot of rage and a long page on tomorrow's page. This will be my last day chilling around DTz, so if you still wish to see me, it's your last chance.

Not an easy job (February 27, 2013)

Back at DKz! And, hehe, not gonna be an easy job fixing this one. This time I'm calm, which is weird, must be because of what happened last time. It seems most of our elders have left and about 2/5 of the clan have left. I think I understand now why we promoted quite a lot of Elders last time. It also seems DTz is also having a problem, just a member problem, but that seems easy to fix, just like DKz. Anyways, that's it, we are still trying to get members back. Well that's it from me, see ya!

DFZ?!? (March 1, 2013)

Wow, already?!? Time flies so fast,...well that's because it already happened. Anyway, in 10 days I'm going to be releasing who are the new Leaders of DKz and DTz, and maybe we might be releasing a DFz?!? WHO KNOWS?!?

Anyways, a very short entry today, I've been very busy, but hopefully the day won't be as busy as today. To see what happened last month, click here!

The siblings nameless clan (March 3, 2013)

Man, yesterday was a full load of jokes. Behind the screens, I was talking about people's contradictions, one of them were; this guy named captain—something said that I had no right "critisizing" Hammer, just because he was a bad leader, which is true, whenever I've him leader he goes offline completely for 1 whole day. Then he starts saying he will go back to his old clan, because of how good it was, lulz, he just said Hammer was a great leader, then why would he leave, I don't get that—he is probably reading this right now because I have no idea how he got here when his clan is so much better.

Then Remay & David went of to make their own clan once again! And guess what? YOLO! Nah, jokes, it was on Invite only, was did they pull that off?!? Anyways, there are only 2 ways they can get members now, if they are in Global or you are friends with them at GC. That is just weird, but what made me curious was them making a nameless clan, here I'll post in a picture next time, when I get the chance.

Wow, leading 2 clans is really hard, the Feeder clan won't even listen to me. I told them to put it in Anyone can Join, because it is most likely that they would lose members easily, because they are a Feeder clan. Seriously, if you guys are reading this right now, that is in DTz, tell Zim or who the leader is At the moment, to turn it to Anyone can Join.

Well, today was a rough day, and it's just half-way of the day at the moment in Australia. I'm going to take a nap, or do something else. So hope you guys enjoyed! By the way, I checked out Infinity Blade and it is cool, there is a similar game called Blood and Glory, which is pretty much the same thing, but tournament-based. Anyway, I'm going to add those to the poll I'm having, so vote when you can!

Re-election Promise (March 6, 2013)

Hey! It's been a while! Unfortunately, I have some bad news...I disbanded the clan, I kicked every person and went over to DTz and asked for leader, and kicked everyone there. I mean, I never disbanded the clan! I was only joking! But I do have some bad news. I'll be away for 2 days, so next time you guys will see me will be on the 8th or the 9th of March. You might see me on a few times, but I only have limited time to chat, so when you guys see me, fire your questions right away! I would love to stay and chat about Clash of Clans, but I have to do a project. This is the unfortunate thing I have.

A quick update to the leaders of DKz! We are re-electing our elders as soon as I get my rank back. I believe a few of them no longer deserves it, for they are either; inactive, not donating, or I just think they no longer deserve it. I'm sorry, but it is for the greater good of our clan, if nothing is done, we will not be able to push forward.

Well that is it, these will be my last words to you. If an emergency comes up, like; I have to extend my "holiday", the clan had another Sinking Ship tragedy, or the clan disbanded or something, I will write up a page, so you guys are always informed. :)

Politicians & the list (March 8, 2013)

It's great to be back again! All the work done and dusted! A few things have been going on, but they weren't as much important to headline it. Back to the show!

So most of you will be totally disappointed in this—I know the elders shall be glad of this and I will tell you why soon—DKz Traineez shall be shut down. Why? It has occurred to me that, the alliance is not solid and cannot move on. if I leave it this way, we will be losing more members in DKz and sooner or later, our elders will start to leave, and I am speaking the truth. This will turn out bad. But for those farmers, I have an alternative, I can ask Syn to take you guys in, or we will allow people under the limit. This shall be an all-member decision, meaning everyone gets to vote. I will post here a poll saying either Syn can take you in or we will allow people under the limit, choose wisely, because if you pick on a choice, and it turns out bad, that is your fault. The alliance elders & I have been talking and they said it has been very difficult managing 2 clans, and yes, I know how they feel, but I feel worse! I've been managing 2 clans for 2 weeks now, and it surely has been stressful! It hasn't even been a month yet! If you guys think it's easy to manage 2 or more clans, it's either; you started your extra clans earlier—which I undoubtedly respect, or you haven't and you think it is all easy! It is not! 

Now I know you guys will hate me for this, but hey! It's not like I'm the first politician to be hated on.....Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd, Francisco Nguema—and that guy got executed. So it's not like it's your first hated politician—unless you are young—because haters gotta hate. Anyway, I will be choosing who is going to be the OFFICIAL Dragon Knightz. If you have not been chosen, it's either you were inactive for a period of time, we don't like you, your not a team player, or there are players that have done better than you. 

I don't think we will relive DTz anytime soon, it has been a harsh period of time. Maybe when we get even stronger then we will have better players or become better, by then. This is it! Michael Jackson signing out!.

Now, these are the players whom are going to form the OFFICIAL Dragon Knightz clan, and since we are re-electing our elders, at the side, I will put in /Elder, if you didn't get Elder, you didn't meet the expectations of an Elder, let's take a look!:


1. BlazedDragon/Leader
2. Hammer/Elder
3. Azim Alidin/Elder
4. Al3xgamer/Elder
5. dennis/Elder
6. M_X_S/Elder
8. maddison/Elder
9. unknown legend/Elder
10. jdweeler/Elder
11. 1nc0gnit0/Elder
12. kenksw/Elder
13. Misso5/Elder
14. isaiah9876/Elder
15. Aidan_Creepers
16. koolkidhahaha.0/Elder
18. Smasher
19. Zodiux
20. numeyy
21. noel
22. Ifiwasjake4ever/Elder
23. taielfer
24. sLeePiNz/Elder
25. Wishykung
26. noelgo1979
27. khaled4482
28. Francisco
29. irisjoyce
30. ladukie3
31. Wesleychipper
32. Greatfinn
33. shanewatson33
34. dniel
35. coreythamonster
36. Matthew
37. vulkvier
38. Madison
39. sami
40. Anvil
41. David
42. hibrenator
43. uuuu
44. chili
45. basketballboy18
46. Nath
47. Mr Rogers
48. minicat
49. nOtsoOld
50. Maxxi1980

List may change

Congratulations for making it through, if you weren't able to make it through, I'm sorry, but it's either these players have done better than you or you weren't a team player. So those players are going through, if a few of those players weren't able to be in the clan, the clan shall be open to everyone, by March 10, 2013 AEDT.

March 10, 2013

Well, this month was much better than last month. If I were to change one thing about this month is that I should have never launched the Feeder clan, it makes us expand, but it's a whole heap trouble managing both. I wonder how did the Armed Alliance did it...? Anyways, I don't think I will relive it anytime soon, I don't want to go through the same amount of trouble again, maybe when we get even stronger.

Some sneak peeks in the future! The poll will be ending, if you would wish to vote the outcome go to the March 8th page and vote! Hurry! While it's still on! As you know, I will be taking a break from this, but I'm going to be doing something to keep you guys entertained while I'm gone. I can't say what it is, but I'll give you this; Age Minim.

Well that's it, this is edition 2 of BlazedDragon's clan journal. See you next time! :)

~dBD (talk) 00:09, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

Poll Results

The clan has spoken! We are still continuing the same rule, to stay over the limit. If the qualities aren't met, then thou shall be banished—well until they recover back. I suggest staying at another clan to recuperate, or preferably, go over to Syn's clan, Farming Up, which is the Farming clan of the Armed Alliance.

Good day!

The Important DKz Update! (March 22, 2013)

If you are a Dragon Knightz member, please answer this survey as soon as possible, I would like to hear from you as soon as I can. Survey ends: 29th of March



Hey! If you have read the March 10 edition, that would be the summary for this edition, but I would like to tell you in a nutshell. It was an exciting month. Also, if you read the last paragraph, you would see I would be releasing something, Age Minim. Vote for the outcome!

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