In the beginning (January 24, 2013)

BlazedDragon Edit: Notice the reference? Nice touch isn't it?

Yes I know I skipped a few days, but I don't want to go into my brain and think about it. This early morning, near midnight, one of the High elders was on, Azim Alidin, or Zim for short, we were chatting and I raised the question on promotions. We thought we could give the promotions on the 2-month anniversary, for Loyalty, Donations, Activeness or we just like them. I scratched the 'We like them' idea, we tried to copy the amount of Elders that Bonbee Canada has, which is 23, and we have 14 Elders, so 9 more Elders, so we are gonna slack off with the promoting, I addressed that all Elder whom promotes those whom weren't Elders are demoted. I already have an idea for who should be elected Elder for Loyalty, but I'm not going to throw any spoilers on here. I just realized I have school when the 2-month Anniversary week comes around, so I let Zim take care of the Donations and Activeness, I got the week planned, and this is the only thing I will spoil:

Day Action


Getting Ready
2 Donation Count
3 Resting day
4 Resting day again =P
5 Active Count
6 Kicking day/Resting day again, don't judge us =P
7 2-Month Anniversary!

I just realized I'm on 1302 trophies and the only member above me is an Elder, Jackory. He was on 1304 trophies, this has been the chat that we had:

BlazedDragon: ooo~ Only 3 more trophies before I overtake Jack

Jackory: Well I better go on raiding then

BlazedDragon: Oh stepping up the game eh?

BlazedDragon: Challenge Accepted

Jackory: Oh yeah~

BlazedDragon: Game on~

BlazedDragon: Need troops?

BlazedDragon: *Request troops*

BlazedDragon: thx Jack

Jackory: np

Jackory: *Request troops*

BlazedDragon: Lol, I don't even have any troops

Jackory: Cheers

By the way, he's British and I'm Aussie, so a little references there. I just realized, UK and Australia are on other sides, so it's not an actual competition, just for fun, besides I already had a competition with Zim and I won, the goal was to reach 1250 trophies. When I saw another member in the clan, Kenm(insert numbers here), reach 1300, I said, "I think Kenm is trying to sneak in our competition here" Anyways, Jack left to go to sleep and I'm on the top of the clan :D After that little competition, I left for a bit to take a break, then came back with one of my Elders saying, "If I made a clan, it would be named Retards Only" then I asked why, and he said, "Nothing, just having a retarted moment." I feel like my clan is starting to fall apart, but I'm trying my best to keep them all together.

It seems Jackory has yet to fall asleep, he has taken the lead with 1391 trophies, and I checked his base for any attacks and no damage has been done, I think we are facing a real competition here, Zim & David12345FTWju has joined the competition, and so far...we currently have no players on 1200s, lulz, that's how good we are.

Oh yeah, it's Hammer's birthday today, sadly he's very busy at the moment and couldn't come on today. :(

What's in store for me, today? (January 25, 2013)

Whenever I go load up Clash of Clans, I always say; "Alright what is in store for me today?" I guess I was lucky today, they just chatted and did those stuff what a clan are meant to do, but I didn't go on there immediately, I went on the wiki and checked on what's new.

It seems Zim has taken over the 2nd ranked spot, Kenm has fell to 1296 trophies, I guess that is his limit, so pretty much he is out, David is still starting out, and Jackory has a Barbarian King and has 1500+ trophies! How did he get those so quick?

It seems an old clan mate, Bucky(insert numbers here), wants to be Elder. I mean seriously! He's a Level 18 on 686 trophies! Most of my Elders are on the 1000s by now, but that doesn't mean everyone who reaches 1000s becomes Elders, no. I have a Level 33 named CarLos and he is on 1054 trophies, and he doesn't have Elder because he just recently joined. A few of the Elders are under 1000s, there are; Francisco, Baylee and Moka–who is about to reach 1000. I seriously wonder what going on with the minds of the younger players, why do they want to be Elder at such a young level? Loyalty? Nah, there was a guy named Rosswalk18, someone kicked him because he was suspected of being a clan hopper, which he was, and he asked for Elder 5 times! Literally 5 times! So therefore he was kicked, and so was his friend, who didn't actually join. Another problem has erupted, players do not donate, at all! That's why we are doing this Donation count, that will teach them.

So big news with Zim today, he got his first Dragon! Wow we are now an official Dragon Knightz clan, well I'm getting mine in 2 days. Anyways, and he feels he is getting raided too much that he dropped out of the competition, oh well. Anyways, more info about his dragon, turns out he saved a battle for me, he destroyed the Town Hall while he was almost getting killed, he was about 20 HP left or something, and I'm grateful for that. :) So, after some battles, I reached 1400+ trophies! :D Only 100 more trophies left to reach Jackory! After a few battles, I realized Jackory is on 1544 trophies, I called to him in case he is online. Here is our conversation:

BlazedDragon: Hey, Jackory you on?

BlazedDragon: =\

Jackory: yea, I was raiding

Moka: *Request Troops*

Jackory: Wassup?

BlazedDragon: You

BlazedDragon: Get it?

Jackory: Yes, why yes I am

Moka: thanks for the troops guys

So yeah, that was pretty funny. Sorry for the little extras that made the page longer. I'm currently in a risky situation with 1450+ trophies :D After a while, Hammer came back, but he is still busy. We chatted for a while, and then he left after our chat. So late at night today, 2 guys were chatting, Hitoby & Beaur$ter, when I said hi, beauster said that they were on mostly and what contributions they had. I let them know about the Elder promotions and the Active & Donation counts, then it hit me, what if we have way too many Elders? How many is our limit? Will we be able to promote Elders once we have to many again? When we reach to many Elders, how will our clan get more members because we reached our Elder limit? Many questions come up, it's just messing with my mind right now.

G'day, get them snags on the barbie and eat lamb! (Australia Day)

BlazedDragon Edit: I know, I'm suppose to only do International holidays as the date title, but then I liked it, so I left it XP

This morning a clan member left, why is that? So I had to gain new members in a trick I have thought of. Since I have 45 members including me, and luckily Zim was on, I gave my leadership to Zim and got off the clan and waited for new members to come rushing in. After a few trials, we got our new member, kenksw, he is a Level 11 which is on 689 trophies, which is not bad at all. When I was Level 11, I was on 400 trophies, because I was a noob, of course, and I got my clan castle when I was Level 16, so he isn't bad at all, mhmm. So it's Australia Day today, so pretty much every Australian player is pretty much busy the whole day, especially me, but we try and get online.

So I was remodeling my formation, and out of the blue this guy who has been here for a while–hint hint–ask for Elder and Trialman(insert 2 numbers here), gives him Elder and then this member of mine, asks and says its unfair that he is Elder immediately, and then they have a big fight. I come by and stop the fight, and the guy who was promoted Elder insults me just because he is higher than me, well sucks to be him, because he doesn't know anything about Farming, lol what a noob. So I demoted him and I ended the conversation with saying there are Elder promotions. What was stressing to me, was that the person who said it was unfair gave me a decision, Demote the person or Kick him. Of course I demoted!

Remember our friend, kenksw? Turns out he already has Level 2 Barbarians! Level 13! 790 trophies! What kind of player is he! We are lucky to have him, I have a feeling he will do a special part to our clan. I do. We just have to try and keep him forever.

The Aussie Open Finals (January 27, 2013)

So when I come on, I see an old frenemy of ours, <<Matty G>>. We kicked him out of the clan, because he wasn't a good friend of Baylee's. Well apparently no one is, lol. He was accepted by Kenm406003–finally got it right–but then left after saying hi to Zim. I told Kenm about the story and he said he was at fault, but he isn't, he never knew. So I had to leave, because school is coming back, I need to get back on the supplies and Djokovic vs. Murray is on tonight! Hoping it will be a long battle and I don't fall asleep :D hehe. Then there are also the Mixed Doubles Finals, Matt Ebden & Jarmilla Gajdosova, both are Aussies, and I can't wait to watch them! They are on 4:00pm. Yesterday, sadly we couldn't get the Women's Doubles, because the top seed, Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci took it. The Aussie players were, a 25 year old Casey Dellacqua & a 16 year old Ashleigh Barty! I mean 16! She should be on Juniors Doubles, what is she doing there!?! Anyways she does these amazing moves that haven't been done by Aussie women since the 70s. In case anyone is wondering how a 16 year old can join the Men's/Women's you have to have a contract signed by your parents saying it's okay for your child to join the Higher-ups.

We have a new member, Warriors of Old, which turns out to be a friend of Moka. We chatted for a bit, and I left for a while, when I came back. He left, So he was only there for an hour. So right at this moment, in 4 hours, I'm getting a Dragon :D HUZZAH. Now I can actually fight as an actual Dragon Knight, haha! Another problem has sprung up, turns out CarLos was planning to make a new clan, called Dragon Knightz 2. I know, it can act like a feeder clan, but he isn't an Elder, he doesn't have the decision to make the clan, besides we scratched that plan, even though it might settle the amount of Elders, we can't communicate, we tried Skype, some of them didn't like it, so we scratched it!

School's coming back :( (January 28, 2013)

With school coming back on Jan 31, AEDT, You might get less entries. Anyway, Alex was having a few troubles, because he is down a lot of trophies. We tried to help him that it's alright and just upgrade your troops. Another thing happened, Hammer is back on now! Sadly, I can't catch him, so we didn't actually have a conversation. Anyway, I was going in and out, just to create the Strategy Guide page, a few people asked what are you doing, I told them that I was trying something, but not telling the real truth, because I want to surprise them, or maybe never tell them at all. By the way, I gave my leadership to Zim, just to make sure I didn't disband the clan. I'm not yet sure if it's given to the next person who first joined the clan, I still have to try that myself.

Look who has returned, Philly$$$495! He used to be an Elder, but I demoted him due to inactiveness. Anyway, he comes up and says "(insert my real name here) can i be elder?" and as always I say: "You have to earn it" I don't think he will get it again, he is off to school in a few days as well as I, he also has a few more after school activities, so that won't help him either, but he had 7 weeks to go online & he hasn't shown up until now, therefore demoted.

So with school coming back, I let everyone know that with school coming back, all of us might have less time to be on. Which they were alright with, besides they have school too, and Zim is in Uni, so pretty much he is busy.

I just found out Baylee left, he used to be an Elder. Apparently he was insulting everyone, except for the Higher-ups. An Elder was on at the time, Zim, trying to take care of the situation and making sure no one gets kicked, but then Baylee left after all those insults. What a jerk.

Hammer's back in action! (January 29, 2013)

It seems Hammer is now active. HUZZAH! :D Anyways, it seems we are trying to reach the top now, because everyone is trying to donate Giants only, haha, David started it then Zim then everyone else! Anyway, Remayfav, the brother of David, was having some troubles with getting trophies. We helped him, and it turns out, he forgot to destroy the Air Defenses before deploying his Dragon. Then we had a bit of laughs and chatted away.

Dealing with the Troop Nickers (January 30, 2013)

If you have read my Clan Strategy Guide you will see on the Leaders page, what a Troop Nicker is, well a member in my clan LosCorbanos was kicked because of not donating, I thought he was a loyal dude, turns out he isn't, there are more out there, but I will take care of them on the Donation Count day, or Zim will, lulz.

The Preview to the Sinking Ship Tragedy (February 2, 2013)

I kinda realized its not gonna work if I'm gonna put half of Jan and half of Feb, so I changed it a bit, but didn't move the other entires. Anyway! Back to the show!

So I come on—after doing all my homework–and I see Remay is telling Zim that him and his brother, David are gonna make a new clan, but they aren't sure yet. And this is the most troubling, I don't know how to solve it. 

After some while, they still have not chosen a decision. I have a plan, it may or may not work; I'm gonna ask them if we can have their clan as a Feeder Clan or as an ally, even though allies don't really matter much... Anyways, hope it works!

The Sinking Ship Tragedy (February 3, 2013)

I just heard that David and Remay already left! I didn't even grab a chance to ask them! You know what sucks even more? Our good buddy Kenm left!!! Why??? I think he joined their clan, I'm going to ask Zim if he knows the clan that David & Remay made. Then Alina left! Wow this is a bad day for me. I just hope that a day like this never happens again!

So with all that craziness gone, Victor came up with the idea of making a Feeder clan. Yes, I know, I kicked Carlos for thinking of making another such clan, but then this time, I was there. We discussed a bit–even though he wasn't an Elder–and I said I will come to a decision on the anniversary.

Turns out Victor is a really useful guy. I asked what was the name of the clan that David and Remay created, which is 3X_SAO, and I found our future player, kenksw, in their clan! This just gets better and better! Why him!?! He was a star! Just like Kenm, and now we lost both of them! We need to find special people like them, pronto!

Day of Action: Getting Ready

Day 2 of the Sinking Ship tragedy (February 4, 2013)

Wow, today was just a whole heap of craziness today. Let me start with the crap ones.

So after school, I come on, and what I see when I scroll down to the bottom of the chat is that Baylee was kicking without my permission! I talked to Alex about it and he was blackmailed by Single, but then after all that, Baylee kicked him! What the hell is wrong with Baylee!?!? Oh yeah, I didn't mention that Baylee came back before, sorry! So I kicked him myself. Then Hammer started leaving, so did Zim, they were just going back and forth from Dragon Knightz to 3X_SAO. Then Hammer made his own clan, Thor's Wrath, turns out he has been thinking about it for while. So we had a bit of a chat on his clan, By the way I gave my leadership to Alex, maybe I will give it to Hitoby next, he seems capable of such. I helped him recruit, but he was a fail, he would always say you have to earn it, even though they were the firsts to join. I think he will come back soon, I told him he can look at my Strategy Guide, yes I know, I shouldn't have said that, but then I just want to help him out. Then Baylee comes back! Wtf!

And finally, the good ones!

David and Remay came back! Well just for a visit, they disbanded the clan just for now. Then kenksw came back for a visit as well! I know it isn't that great, they aren't actually coming back for real, but then it's nice to meet them again. We chatted and laughed, like back in the old days. I really hope I can visit them too! So we have allies now—even though they serve no purpose–3X_SAO & Thor's Wrath. Well this is longer than usual :)

The edition is about to end, so please send me some feedback and if it is working out, I will see if I can continue this!

Day of Action: Donation Day

The Lost Episode (February 5, 2013)

Well they all came back, haha! But we had a few casualties, goodbye trialman98 & mmaryottski. They were really good players, I was thinking of giving maryott Elder, but too late. Anyways they all come back; Hammer, kenksw, David12345FTWju, REMAYFAV & koolkidhaha.0 and to the ones I haven't mentioned, you all as well! So I guess nothing really bad happened after all, I guess I can learn a little bit from the 'Sinking Ship' tragedy, try not too slack off a bit from playing, but not too much, you don't want to end up as this.

BlazedDragon Edit: Sorry, I didn't put this in. I was planning to, but I guess I forgot, then Zim mentioned it and then I remembered! Therefore named 'The Lost Episode' So I hope you enjoyed it, and send me feedback today to keep this edition keep on going

Seriously... -.- (February 7, 2013)

I just come online just for a bit, and opticdeathy has come back. He said he left the clan for a bit. Then! He asks for Elder, what the hell? Does he really expect me to give him Elder? He wasn't even loyal! So? staying in the clan for too long doesn't matter. What stupid idiots.

Stuck out of my own clan?! (February 8, 2013)

For some reason, we started talking about food, then relatives or friends who would like to join this clan. Then so on and so forth. After a while, a member–whom I forgot the name–leaves, and then I tried a trick that turn it to Anyone can join, turn somebody into Leader, leave, then wait for a while to let the new members come rushing in and come back. What I forgot to do, is to turn it to Anyone can Join, so now I'm stuck out of my own clan! This has been a crazy day for me.

BlazedDragon Edit: Haha, I forgot to write it up. What I'm about to write was a day later, so some parts might not connect. Sorry for the inconvience.

Well I was gone for probably 30-45 minutes and I was able to go back in! HUZZAH! Luckily David was online to bring me back in. While I was gone nothing much was talked about, just some new members always asking the same question, why did he leave? Then the leaders have to explain why. Well luckily I'm back inside, don't have to wait for 12 hours haha!

A reader has come (February 9, 2013)

With the edition ending, the unforeseen has come around! A reader has been reading my Clan Journal and my Clan Strategy Guides and the person loved it! The player's username is Madison, and he is currently in my clan. I never expected that to happen just at the first edition!

So we chat for a bit, and I noticed David went down 38 ranks! Woah, must be on full-on farming mode, luckily he only reached 803 trophies, then I noticed something, Madison is on 776 trophies, I tell him about it, and I helped him. I talked about taking out the wizards he has in his disposal, then talked about some tricks he can use and then told him about the Ideal raid, now this is going to get really informative so I'm going to have to put another paragraph on here.

The 'Ideal Raid' was thought up by Flammmy, a pro Clash of Clans strategist. He told his readers, or viewers, that attack a player wisely, do not just attack just because he has a lot of resources or is easy to defeat, it has to be a full-on win. That means, check if the player has a decent amount of resources and is easy to nick some trophies off the player. To easily determine the decent amount of Elixir, calculate how much Elixir you use for your troops then add 20,000+ more to the amount and you got it! You can add more if you wish. Now for gold, I suggest just the same amount for your Elixir target. Now to determine if it is easy to nick trophies off the player is to see how his buildings look, do they look strong enough to wipe out all your troops or not. This is known as the 'Ideal Raid', for more information go to Ideal Raid.

After a short while, a new member joined, turns out he is one of the wiki as well! His username is Azheng1023, and I think he idolizes me, because he wrote about me in his application to join. I better be more spontaneous in these entries, because I am getting more famous, if the journal will still keep on going, that is.

So the edition is about to end, I'm going to take a week vacation, just studying and playing around. You will still see me on the wiki, I'm just having a break from the Clan Journal. If you would like for this edition to continue, give me feedback on a special page I created yesterday, and I will see if I will continue it, have a go!

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Dragon Knightz 2-month Anniversary)

With the Elder promotions coming up, everyone is pumping and ready to see who will be the future leaders of DKz! With a few exceptions from people from the other side of the world.

I would like to announce the new leaders of Dragon Knightz:

  • Xiclali
  • VictorLegends
  • treeman
  • kenksw
  • Beaur$ster93
  • M_X_S

Congratulation guys! And now for the surprise...

We are now opening a Feeder clan and a Farming clan! We are currently figuring out who will lead and all that. Since the edition is ending, I will post in the comments, when it's opened and who will be leading and all the details.

If you liked the journal, and would like to read more about my clan. Please send me feedback. You can give me what is good about it, any problems or something off-topic you would like to talk about. Give me feedback today, give it a shot!


This month was really unexpected, especially the Sinking Ship tragedy, but this has been exciting though, and I had a fun time typing this up. The Feedbacks are through and so far 10 have chosen for me to continue my clan journal and none has chosen not to change it. See you at the next edition!

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