IT'S BACK~ (March 24, 2013)

Hey guys! Gonna lead you into it immediately, a lot of stuff happened recently, and here's what happened.

Clash of Clans Podcast has just interviewed us and is now on their website, you can go check them out, they are really cool people and I wish them great luck in the future.

Code Baylee! This time it is our good friend, Madison. A few members are having some problems with Madison and has even gone through some far lenghts. I have had a chat with Madison and I have decided to keep him out, because sooner or later, he will get kicked regardless, but Madison keeps coming back, which is kinda ridiculous. Anyway, we shall remember you, "lest we forget".

The toll has been weighed! No, I'm not getting fatter that I have to exercise, I'm quite fit, but I'm in no right to say that. What I mean is, the required limit has been raised! 1000 trophies is to be needed to join, but you are allowed to stay around 900-1000. I chose this with a couple of leaders and we decided that, maybe keep the 900s, because it seems to be a good farming level. I'm not sure if we are going to do the same thing in the future, but it's just a way to keep inactive players out. I'll shall see if we get to like, 1500 limit, do we have to allow 1400s or what, I'm not yet sure.

Survey is on! If you are a Dragon Knight, please go this link and fill-out the survey. This is my first time using this website and it kinda sucks, because they only allow up to 10 questions each survey, unless you buy the upgrade, but why would I buy the upgrade when I could buy gems? Anyway, fill them out for me, the deadline is 29/3, when I finish school, and on the March 29 page, I will be evaluating every question and answer. I will ask the players if they want to stay anonymous or not, so that they won't get embarrassed or something. HURRY NOW!

Since I've lifted the limit a bit early this month, I will see if I will move the Elder promotions day a bit early, there are some whom really deserve Elder, but this is to test their loyalty. 

Our good leader, sLeePiNz, has retired from his leadership, but will still keep on playing Clash of Clans, but has retired due to the amount of work it takes. This is what he chooses, I wasn't part of this decision. I remember, he asked; "Do I get to be in the Hall of Fame or something?", and I've thought about if we should have a Dragon Knightz Hall of Fame, what do you guys think?

I've thought about it, and I thought, how will you guys get noticed that there is a new page that came out, and I thought, maybe we can bring this out as a page? But then it will flood the wiki, so then I ask you! What would you suggest for the clan journal to end up? We can just leave it as it is, if you wish, but give me suggestions anyway, and I will see.

Anyway, that's the tons of stuff that happened today. My school break is coming up on the 28th, and on that time I will play a lot MINECRAFT! Maybe...lulz, I might play Realm of the Mad God, it's still a cool game. So that is all the stuff that happened, please fill-out the survey, answer the questions that I have asked on this page, and take it easy, lemon squeezy~.

Survey Ends! And I return! (March 28, 2013)

WOAH! I got sick for 3 days straight and I couldn't do anything! That's why you didn't get a new entry for the past few days. Anyway, here is what happened today.

We are now thinking of becoming more social, as in having a forum page or something. It is still in the works, so please bear with us.

A new challenge will be arising! Young, but determined players will be tested to their limits. While the strong are no longer the "strong". We are organizing a new event that will be happening 6 days a week, STAY TUNED!

Well that is it, pretty short. 

Survey Evaluation

In bold are the question, just to let you guys know. Here are the results:


What can we improve on? Organizing event once in a while. This may mark a historical event when all member are online at the same time. Event can include a push for trophies. Then after event is done you can ask them to try maintain that trophy if that is possible.
Give me your thoughts on the clan Still at its infancy stage. Keeping all the high level players is a must especially those who grew in the clan.
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' Is good but I would recommend to do this after an event like trophy push it makes everything easier.
What can I improve as a clan leader? Be more active mostly... Have aim and direction to lead us...
Comments/Suggestions EVENTS.. Trophy events, donations! High lvl troops give away .. A day where all elders do is give pekka and dragons ... Lol

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: We used to make events, but we got tired of it. We try keep the best players, but we also try and keep the loyal ones too! Well, now that school is over, I can be online most of the day! But to be honest, Clash of Clans is starting to bore me, since I'm now starting to upgrade the longer times, it's getting boring. I would really love a new account, tell me, how did you make yours? Anyways, thank you for being a great member in my clan, your suggestions are a bit too much for some of our younger players, lulz.


What can we improve on? 
Give me your thoughts on the clan Its kinda a nice clan but theres two guys who are acting bad to David and wont stop bugging us.
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' Its kinda (wait for it....)shocking since im on a farming spree.
What can I improve as a clan leader? You might wanna be active since people are waiting for you.I understand you of course are enjoying life.

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Keep in mind, you can tell me or any of the elders and we will keep a watch on the person harming David. We are allowing 900s, since it's a good farming point, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts on it, because we aren't really pushing through, and people are slacking off. Again, as I have told Sleepz, Clash of Clans has been really boring and I want to keep moving on, but I will try and get on as long as I can.


What can we improve on?
Give me your thoughts on the clan Clan is ok now.
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' I think the trophy limit raise to 1000 is necessary.
What can I improve as a clan leader? Umm...I don't have any idea now, because you are better than past. Hope you can do better and better!!

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Ok? JUST OK?! RRRAAAHHH!!!~....lulz. Well, I can't really say a lot more, you have talked about everything. 


What can we improve on? we could every month or more raise the trophy limit,and members will follow this by increasing their trophies,maybe on day we can be as good as north44 or bonbee canada. It would be great to have 50 steady members,by steady members i mean they never leave their clan unless they come back.
Give me your thoughts on the clan Really nice,friendly leader who deserves to be called a leader,good elders doing their jobs correctly by kicking people like Madison and baylee and keeping the clan as fun as possible
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' I agree,i always wanted every player to have 1000 trophies or more but we (elders and you blaze) shouldn't start kicking members under 1000 until a week or so . Personally,i have no probs since i'm 1000+
What can I improve as a clan leader? You have nothing to improve,you're a great friend,leader.

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Wow, that's a lot of praises given to me. To be honest, I'm not really great now, it's the players that have been supporting me through the times, I try my best to be the best, and I will always strive for excellence. 


What can we improve on? Provide more advice/help for upcoming players to help them grow
Give me your thoughts on the clan Very good, enjoy it a lot. More active and interesting than my old clan. People donate faster and give more opportunities for you to donate
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000? Considering that I spend a lot of time hovering slightly above and below that number, I dot mind, unless it becomes that if you drop beneath the limit, you are kicked. In hat case, if I make too many accidents, I'll be kicked, obviously a problem to me.
What can I improve as a clan leader? Just try to on more often
Comments/Suggestions All in all, very good clan. I truly enjoy the experiences that I have in here.

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: We do give advice, we are often asked; about any tips on their villages. Seems like my inactiveness is something I should work on, luckily school has ended for me. I am really glad to be the leader of this great clan.


What can we improve on? 
Give me your thoughts on the clan Awesome clan and won't leave even in the tough times
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' I think it's a bad idea until we get at maximum 3/4 members under that amouny
What can I improve as a clan leader? Being on more often ad solving more problems f
Comments/Suggestions03/27/2013 6824472 Thought it was good that u chosen to do the survey and it might have been better for a heads up that u were going to ask how we were even though I should have assumed but I think all is good.

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Well, I have to give credit to your speciality, your laziness. I'm still not sure why you do not like the decision of raising our limit. Hehe, again with my inactiveness, I really need to try and find a way to get on more often. 


What can we improve on? Our efficiency as a clan.
Give me your thoughts on the clan Great clan XD. I will never leave... Not even to make Thors Wrath....
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000? It's a definite. If we don't, we'll fall behind and never improve, even if we have to kick half the clan we must do it!
What can I improve as a clan leader? Not much really...
Comments/Suggestions None really, btw it says I signed up December 7th... (1918, ignore that part) but I'm not sure if that was the exact date, plz inform me bout that.

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Right when I read; "Thor's Wrath", I knew whom wrote this. I started the clan on December 10, 2013, so you & Zim should have put in Dec 10, but then I realized it doesn't matter if you did put it in or not, because I can't see the results, derp XP. Anyway, I know you have been inactive many times just like me, and you know how I feel XD.

Azim Alidin

What can we improve on? We must carefully select active players. High or medium level the least, if possible. Kick out inactive ones..Weeding proccess continuously. Increase the req trophies otherwise we aint going anywhere..
Give me your thoughts on the clan At some point its fun as there are many active members but overtime..some tend to be less active..worst if they are the elders. Some dont donate and some only donate to certain amount just to show that they did donate but this is actually not enough
What are your thoughts on the clan raising the limit to 1000?' 1000 is fine but we need to increase further a.s.a.p. push the members to get more trophies..maybe 1200? Maybe..
What can I improve as a clan leader? Id be more strict towards inactive ones..give them few chances and if still the same result..say bye bye..make sure to elect elders carefully..some worked hard to get the title but once they got it..they went inactive..try and recruit people slowly..choose the ones with great potential who can make the clan stronger..not just the ones who fill in empty slots.
Comments/Suggestions Lets push harder more safe approaches..strike for the best ! :)

BlazedDragon's Reaction/Response: Hehe, I know what you really want, you want active players. Well, now that school has ended, I can definitely work on this. As you know we are working on a real challenge, which might make us lose a few members, due to inactive or is just too nooby for us. I can't really be more strict onto inactive ones, because I am one of them, but I WILL try. We shall no longer turn noobs into troops, we shall become thee strongest.

Well that is everyone that filled-out the survey, there was another fill-out, but that person did not finish it, if you would like to identify yourself, you can tell me. The fill-out talked mostly about lifting the trophy limit, you can reveal yourself, or just stay anonymous, so incognito~.

Just a bit off-topic to talk about, Aussie Footy is getting more popular, even around the world! I actually never thought of our footy being this way, I always thought Canadian football would be first, since it's near USA, but we are known world-wide. I have a feeling talking about this will bring some fights on which team is better, but I will try my best to control it.

Quick Updates! (March 29,2013)

Hey guys! Just some quick updates I would like to inform you about, let's take a look;

  1. Dragon Knightz now has a forum page, this is to keep in touch with everyone and have really weird discussions. Forum page here
  2. Election day has been moved to March 31st! Some elders will be removed from the position and a few will be promoted, hopefully they will be great leaders to us.
  3. Dragon Knightz Hall of Fame may exists! Mystery...
  4. 'A new challenge will be arising! Young, but determined players will be tested to their limits. While the strong are no longer the "strong"' What does this mean for Dragon Knightz? Find out on March 31st! April 1st!
  5. We are still not sure about this, but DKz Traineez might relaunch itself once again, this time it shall be called the 2nd clan, but it really is the Feeder clan, but we are going to try this with a different approach, if it ever launches.

The Word of the Day: Virtually (March 30, 2013)

Alright I'm changing things up a bit for the clan journal. As you can see right now, I've put in a title for each of the pages that I've typed up for this edition, and maybe I will do the same for the past editions. A second thing, I will be working on something on the Clan Journal Lobby and I shall be releasing it very soon, maybe with a friend *nudge nudge wink wink*.

So it's currently Misso's Birthday, so happy birthday! I've created a special message on the wiki earlier today, hopefully you checked it out, if not check it out now! The April Elections are close-by, with only 1 day to go! I've already known whom deserves it. Also what will go along this day will be; kicking non-donaters & demoting unreliable players. Another thing that is coming close is the new challenge! A sneak peek of it right here. It is going to come around April 1, and it surely will bring out the tiger in you. 6 days of pain—virtually—1 day of relaxation—virtually—and with 45-50 players competing—virtually—you just can't get enough of this!—virtually. Hehe, speaking of virtually, Zim made a joke earlier today about the new and awesome game, Real Racing 3, let me cut you down to the scene. It was dark, lonely, only 2 men were still there. They talked for a bit and afterwards had a laugh—virtually of course. What they were talking about? Let me tell you; Their buddies are playing a new game called Real Racing 3, so were they, but they were having a break—virtually, as they say but obviously their cars are in need of repairs—virtually, so they have a chat—virtually. Then they realize it's only just them chatting—virtually, so of them made a joke; I bet everyone is in their cars racing right now lulz Yeah, well of course, virtually.

And that is the story, lulz. It's not that funny since I've made it so serious, so basically he made a joke about how everyone is now addicted to playing the game Real Racing 3 and everyone was inside their cars racing. So yeah, that's it, hopefully you got all that information so see ya!

By the way! Please answer ths poll;

What do you think about the new changes?
It's great! 2 Votes
Looks good, but I like the old stuff 0 Votes
I don't like it 1 Votes
What new changes? 1 Votes

Keep on clashing—virtually!

April Election Day! (March 31, 2013)

Well, for those just in the know, I have moved the election day to an earlier date, which is today! I've done this because I believe some players have reach the qualities of an elder, but can they keep it up? Let's find out!

Stay tuned to find out the new leaders of DKz

POSTPONED?!? (April Fool's Day)

Okay, I'm seriously not joking. We were trying out a new system and we just had to postpone it to a later date. That's why what you see above is lined through. Anyway, there has been a few important announcements on DKz Forum Page, I highly recommend for you, members, to go check it out, you will be able to get important announcements from us and it is very important...oh wait I just said that, THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT!!!

In any case, I have decided to let go of April Fool's Day for today. Again, go check out the forum page, if something happens to you in the clan, don't say I didn't warn you—that was so bad... On that note, I will see what I can do so you guys get known about the new page of each edition, like a morning paper, subscribe to us and you will get spammed XD So anyway, see you guys soon!

Forgetful (April 2, 2013)

I am really liking these titles, I really do....OH WAIT! I haven't written yesterday's page! That's right, I have forgotten about this, but not exactly forget forget, as in forgetting to write a page of this. March 30th was actually written up on March 31st, then I took a break then I forgot, so March 31st was typed up on April 1st. Again, I took a break because it was still early in the morning, and nothing much happened, just some old casual chat and stuff about Real Racing 3. Then April 1st was typed up today, and now I'm typing up April 2nd as well. Good thing I got that covered.

Now with stuff about the clan! READ THE FORUM PAGE!!! we currently have exactly 50 members and only 13 members have joined. Oh wait, I just remembered, we reached 50 members again today! Yay! Well, not really going to open up that feeder clan again, but I will try~ I have a plan~. So, back to the rage I was in...READ THE DAMN FORUM PAGE!!! Well...I'm good, as long as the message is sent out to you guys.

April Election Day, again -.- (April 3, 2013)

Alright guys! This is the real deal! The one and only! April 2013 Elections! In a few hours, I shall be revealing to you whom our new leaders are, we had many nominations—and what I meant by many, I mean 4 nominations...On that note!

Ok, I literally delayed it to a day. I was just getting some photos ready. Sorry, at some points you are going to have to read going up. So here is what happened; IMG 0206 IMG 0209 IMG 0210 IMG 0211

IMG 0212

IMG 0213

IMG 0215

IMG 0216

IMG 0217

IMG 0218

IMG 0222

IMG 0220

IMG 0223

If you can't be bothered to figure out what we were saying read what is next–with a few fix-ups:

BlazedDragon: Now we can get in with the Elder promotions XP
SLeePiNz: Yes Charizard
BlazedDragon: I'm gonna try and make it amusing XP
George: How do you get elder again?
Joachim H: Soon I will have a barrack with a Dragon in it. Yay!
BlazedDragon: Lol, Sleepz
Just the cool stuff~
Gonna make it amusing 'kay?
George: 07:33, April 4, 2013 (UTC)07:33, April 4, 2013 (UTC)flow
Promoted: BdotCE, Joachim H, Olvi, philly$$$495
Joachim H: Cool
SLeePiNz: o.o
BlazedDragon: Alright, let's do this
SLeePiNz: Who is Philly?
Joachim H: o.o Thank you so much BD
BlazedDragon: 4 of you have been nominated...
Al3xgamer: Wow, just made it in time
BlazedDragon: Lol, I screwed up
SLeePiNz: BD Rawr pls (What's this? lol)
BlazedDragon: 4 of you have been nominated, 3 of you will be demoted due to not getting enough votes
First round
Demoted: Philly$$$495
BlazedDragon: Congratulations you 3 have passed the first round.
Lol XP
George: Lol
Demoted: Olvi
BlazedDragon: Congratulations you two. You have passed the second round
George: Who will it be!?
Only one shall be demoted.
Joachim H: DUN DUN DUN~
You: The remaining shall be our newest leader!


BlazedDragon: (Dramatic Music)
SLeePiNz: Please be BD
Joachim H: Come on
BlazedDragon: Our newest leaders of DKz are!
George: The suspense is killing me!
Demoted: Azim Alidin
(Players say troll and stuff, I accidentally replaced the picture with one of the edited pictures. =\)

I actually never said that one of them is going to win the title, all I said was that 3 players will be demoted, that's all. Great trick huh? Could have used it for April Fool's Day, oh well, I only thought of it on that date. Maybe next year eh? But at the time, I'm going to probably be really busy with school and parties XP

George's Fireworks (April 4, 2013)

As you can tell from the title, someone did an outburst. George & I were talking, then all of a sudden George started talking about how his friends are getting Level 6 troops, and he isn't. He also said he just gets Lv3 troops, then I look at his base and took a look at his army camp and he only had Lv3 troops, and his Goblins were Lv2, lulz, why get more when you have less? Anyway, we were talking about it, then all of a sudden, SpartanSlayer, started saying stuff about George and about how he should appreciate what he gets and stuff. Then George started raging like I have never seen before, he usually is calm and passionate, as you can see on the photos on last entry's. So then there was a big fight, I didn't want to lose either of them, because they both are passionate players, but sooner or later they were going to get kicked anyway. Jak kicked George off, and we had a talk with spartan, then we gave him the boot.

So, interesting day, today was. You know, lately there has been very interesting stories everyday. Hopefully that continues all-day round. :)

Judgement Day (April 5, 2013)

Alright, today is the day. In a few hours we will be kicking out a few players, due to be under the new limit. I have designed a calendar that will help us keep track of our limits. Take a look: April 2013 Calendar Test 2

I don't really think this WILL be the calendar design, but I'm going with it anyway. I shall improve it soon, but this is what you guys got for now. By the way, I'm not sure if I used this title before, but I'll take a look around and see if I already have and do something about it. Speaking of titles, I took a look at the poll once again and there are 2 yes, 0 yes but no, 1 no and 1 what. So in that case! I will be replacing these past entries real soon!

Anyway, stay tuned to see if YOU got kicked or were you safe, because about 1/3 of the clan are going to be gone soon. So stay tuned!

Gone, yet back again! (April 8, 2013)

Hey guys, I apologize for not typing up anything for the past few days. I've been having some Internet issues, and the guys whom were working on it told us to use less of the Internet, so I also apologize that I'm not going to be as active as much, but I shall try my best!

That aside, I know I haven't been changing the titles of the past editions, but I'll work on them soon! That reminds me, I'm thinking of changing the names of the journals. I'm thinking of changing it from editions to journals. No big changes, just minor. Now that I think of it, I can just leave it editions and then call the whole pack, the 2013 Journal. I don't know, YOU DECIDE!

What should I do?
Change from editions to journals 0 Votes
The one above^ but name it 2013 edition 1 Votes
Leave it 0 Votes
The one above^ but name it 2013 journal 0 Votes

This time I'm not putting a corny vote, I'm going to leave that aside for now. On that note! This has been BlazedDragon, the voice of Dragon Knightz, lights out Alice. Yes, I've been watching Parental Guidance. It is really funny, and I think you guys should go watch it, if you have not already. I'm not going to do a summary or a sneak peek of it, but I am going to say this; it brings the family closer.

Something New! (Dragon Knightz 4-month Anniversary)

Hey! Once again, for 4 months, Dragon Knightz continues to reign and gets even better! Today marks our 4th month being together as Dragon Knightz. January 10 was the first month anniversary, I wasn't on much, because I was on vacation! Bad timing eh? February 10 was the second month anniversary and marked the first anniversary that we all spent together. March 10 was the third month anniversary, on the same date, we released the Feeder clan, thus the Dragon Dynasty was born! Which later dissolved into smaller bits, turning ourselves to just Dragon Knightz. Which is totally fine~. Now, today is April 10 and today is our 4-month anniversary!

Just going to cut you guys down to the chase.

Dragon Knightz Forums still have players that have not logged in yet. I truely suggest you guys sign up over there to be able to get important announcements and such. That reminds me, I still have to post about the calendar over there. In any case, a new social thing that has been going around the Internet, calling all Dragon Knightz to join is our new website! The URL is; You can bookmark us, so you won't have to come down here to go through it again. We also have one more thing, your answers can be answered immediately using our new email address! That is;

Now you guys may be wondering why put in clashofclans when you can just put in dragonknightz. Well, I would like people to know that this is a Dragon Knightz site that is related to Clash of Clans not anywhere else. That is why I chose to put in clashofclans.

REMAYFAV has retired, and now has joined Sleepz in the Retirement House, lulz jokes. It is true REMAYFAV has been retired and will now support the clan as an ordinary member. Lots of jist going around about Noel, or Nathan, being banned, Sleepz is debating on if we should permanently ban Nathan or give him a second chance. Screenshots show that jake & Misso was online at the time, and Misso & Sleepz believe that jake has been inviting Nathan back to the clan. With Nathan finally returning, Sleepz has made a post on the forums about if Nathan should stay. Jake has also been brought up about if he should lose eldership, I am not quite exactly sure of he can run for it again, but we will talk about when we cross that bridge. Now that I have mentioned this, I believe that we will be talking about many things when we come back to the next journal, which reminds me! You guys have spoken! Well only one actually. I will now call it March-April Journal and 2013 Edition. By the way, congratulations SLeePiNz for taking down the record of 4000+ donations and replacing it with a whopping 5565 donations! Congratulations buddy!

Well this has been an awesome month. I really hoped you guys enjoyed reading what was going on in the clan, and I really hope you guys read more of my stuff in the future! That reminds me, I had a chat with Gman and it isn't possible that you guys will get notified of my new pages, since I am the only one able to edit it. So that is a bummer, just keep checking in everyday for new posts and more stuff! See you guys on the next one! The April-May Journal~


This truly was a great month! Nothing seriously bad happened, just a few minor outbursts and "fireworks". I really loved what happened this month, and I hope you guys did too! Once again check out our website and forums, you can also send us an email at;

So that is it guys, see you guys on the next one! (As I have said before above)

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