OH MY GOSH I'M BACK! and something in return... (May 31, 2013)

I am finally back guys! If you have seen this thread, I decided to post my Clan Journal on the DKz site. Regardless of the results, I have decided not to do it on the DKz site, because I found out that I am only able to create 10 pages, if I use a free account. If I use a premium account, I can make as much as I can.

Some updates on the clan...

Dragon Dynasty goes at it again! For the 3rd time! This time it's not; Dragon Traineez, no not; DKz Traineez, it's DRAGON PALADINZ!!!

Dragon Paladinz is the SECOND-not a feeder-clan. It is 900 (800 for now) to join, 700 to stay. Joachim H is the Leader of DPz and will hopefully do a successful job. Check out our forum page, to see what was up with the clan. You don't have to be a member of the Dragon Dynasty to sign up, we have something taking care of it now. So, just sign up there, its fast, easy, and free!

I am still working hard on the website, and the Chinese wiki. Expect a monthly recap real soon! So see you guys on the next one!

I have a special for you guys! I have something awesome coming up in July, which I will officially announce tomorrow in the journal. That means, I am extending this journal from May 31 to June 22, because of that special!

Recapping (June 1, 2013)

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to do a bit of recapping. To start off, I will talk about what's up with the clan today.

I started talking about the clan's past and about how I got here. Once I finished, I asked if anyone had any stories they had to tell us, just anything related to Clash of Clans. They did, and here is a sample story of the story they told us today:


This is how I came across this clan...
It was a stormy evening, I was actually meant to do homework, when I was searching the net for tips on how to play Clash of Clans. I came across Clash of Clans Wiki, and found Flammy's guides.

It was awesome to read, then I found BD's Clan Strategy Guide. It sounded interesting. I found the Clan Journal, BD wrote. The clan sounded more interesting. However, I was very loyal to the clan I was in, but I wanted to be stronger & join this clan. Then one day, my clan started to become inactive. So, with a strong & heavy heart, I said my last words, and fled.
I really wanted to BD's clan, so I crossed my fingers that my application went through, and it did, and here I am. In this awesome clan, with awesome clanmates.

That is a awesome story BlueHamster, and you can read MOAR stories through, Dragon Dynasty Legends. Here are a couple more sample stories, that you can read. You can publish your story anytime, you just need to be a Dragon Dynasty member, or used to be a Dragon Dynasty member.

Ifiwasjake4ever returns! The 4th Elder to retire, returns to Clash of Clans. He visited DPz first to check it out, then he came to DKz. I asked why he returned, since he lost interest in the game. He replied that a valued member told us to never stop, and this player was Azim Alidin, former 2ic of Dragon Knightz and a valued player.

Speaking of Zim, he came to the clan a few days ago. The reason he left the clan if finally discovered! He left the clan, because he wanted to be with other Bruneians, which is cool. One time I actually wanted to do a DAz, Dragon Aussiez. So, it is really nice that he loves his country.

Now, I am ready to announce the SPECIAL that is going to happen in July. Some of you may know my birthday, which is on July 18. I am going to celebrate my birthday, Clash of Clans Style. I am introducing The BlazedDragon Cup, which was Placated Burgh Dozen on this entry. The events would be a list of:

  • Donation Event
  • Trophy Event
  • War Cry Event
  • Top Player Event

Leagues do not play a part in this tournament, just to let you know. If you have any more suggestions for the list of events, contact me at your earliest service, just not before June 10, which is when I am opening the entries to the tournament. Anyone in Dragon Knightz are allowed to join any event. Dragon Paladinz have not been told of this tournament, and therefore, may not host the tournament.

I am also thinking of hosting the tournament here at the wiki, but I don't have any ideas for it. If you do, contact me at your earliest service. But, overall, I'm hoping it will be a great tournament, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well. Don't forget to send some suggestions for the tournament if you have any!

Just another busy day... (June 2, 2013)

Hey guys! To be honest, I wasn't on much today, but here are some things you need to know.

Hammer will be gone for the week, so I will be the only one in charge of Dragon Knightz while he is gone. He will be going to camp, I'm not sure if it will just be for the week or a few days. He didn't specify.

Anyway, short post today. The BlazedDragon Cup are seeing some great changes soon. See you on the next one!

Quick Update on the clan (June 6, 2013)

Long time no chat!

I don't know if you guys noticed or not, but on the last entry, it was known as 'June 2, 2012'. It was pretty funny when I saw it. So, the Nomination Process is on, just request an elder to nominate you, and you will be in. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

Dragon Rider Me will be retiring, he has lost interest in this game and will put down the blue flame. We salute you! lest we forget

I will get to the website during the holidays, I will get this Clan Journal filled up with information you need to know, and I will try to become more active.

My pal, Boots Electric (June 9, 2013)

So, I came on this morning, right? I open Clash of Clans, and there I see my pal, Boots Electric, trying to kick my ass. He used a 60 barbarian, 53 archer, 44 minion, & 6 wall breaker raid. You can learn more by clicking the link above and reading it.

Onto the clan, so, the Nomination Process ends today 5pm, and will be announced tomorrow, both here and DKz Forums. There have been great nominations throughout this month and I can't wait for the next set of Elders to lead the Dragon Dynasty! It has been a bit bumpy with DPz joining in, but it will surely has been fine.

That's all you need to know for the moment. I shall see you guys on Election day!

So busy... (June 16, 2013)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while. I'm just so busy. I don't have time to talk much on here, so I will just go with the highlights:

  1. The BlazedDragon Cup Entries have been opened to the public! You just need to be a Dragon Knight or a Paladin.
  2. The July Election have been moved to June 22nd
  3. Hammer is out for the month, he will be in France
  4. Sign up in our forums for more information and updates in our clan!

Something will change in these Clan Journals! I can't wait to tell you guys!

Very Quick Updates (June 27, 2013)

This definetly will be a short entry, but I will try and make it as long as I can. As school is ending, tomorrow I will have a loooonnnnggggg entry that will blow your socks off, literally.

We have a Twitter account! @TheRealDKzCoC

If you have Twitter, gladly follow us and receive clan—or mostly personal—updates! I don't use it for my personal life, but the reason why I said "mostly personal" was because I meant my personal GAMING life. You'll see...

As I am losing or not gaining new readers, I will be creating a subscription email;

Just write in about you subscribing to my Clan Journal, so I know you are subscribing. It is suggested that you subscribe if you want to read more of this. So, email & twitter, we've got more social sites.

That is about it for today, I will write buttloads tomorrow, I promise you. I will also get back to the Chinese wiki & the DKz site as promised. But for now, Clash on and may your barbarians run straight!

Fulfilling my duty (June 30, 2013)

Now I know I haven't been keeping to my promises lately, but it's time we all had a chat. Did you know? That my goal on creating this journal was to share my experiences and rage on to you guys, my readers. And I believe I have fulfilled my duty, because there is less stress than what I had before. This might sound like a retirement speech, but I know somewhere along the way, there will be something deeply terrible, so I am not ending the journal here. Well, I actually am, because it's the end of June and I have to create the June-July journal, which is a special journal dedicated to the BlazedDragon Cup, then I will go back to the normal routine of ending it at the 10th of every month. Anyway~ enough with the tears, it's time to hear the results.

Alright guys! July Elections have come around, and I am actually impressed by the elders we promoted last month, because the voters have boosted since forever! Here are the results:

Oliver12001 (4/0/4)
Red (6/0/6)
Ormie911 (6/0/6)
Alexrudead (7/0/7) HIGHEST VOTE!

Congratulations to the new set of elders, we welcome you with open arms! :) This month, there was no losses.

Some of you may be wondering, isn't it always on the 10th? Why is it early this month? Well, that's because of the Olympic-based tournament, The BlazedDragon Cup, which is coming up tomorrow. So registration has now closed, and the players who signed up on time are the only ones who play.

The BlazedDragon Cup announcement

If you missed it, then unfortunately the next planned tournament is in the next 6 months, which is the Christmas Tournament. Other than the Christmas Tournament, there are no planned tournaments this year, for the moment. We will announce those tournaments if it does happen.

So far, we have 10 competitors for the BlazedDragon Cup in DKz and 3 competitors for the BlazedDragon Cup in DPz. If Supercell does something about this, we might be able to do like a State of Origin thing, where Knightz have to win as much events as they can, and vice versa with Paladinz to win like a shield or something, I don't know, it's a thought in process, which I am really excited about.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate again our new set of elders, but now it's time to get serious, because with the BlazedDragon Cup, it's gonna get dirty and scary these next few weeks. There will be blood and gore, and with all this excitement going on, nothing can get better than this!

Follow me on Twitter @DKnightzCoC to receive daily updates on the BlazedDragon Cup as well as other clan announcements and other cool stuff...

Also, you can subscribe to this journal by sending me a message on DKz' email address:

Take care and may your barbarians run straight!


What a busy month it has been. Fulfilling my duty as a journalist, homework, personal life, and talking to you guys. It has definetly been a ride, and I will use this on my retirement speech, if I ever retire from Clash of Clans, which I don't see a future of it.

It has also been a ride outside the DKz community, definetly. Jorge Yao has retired, but is still playing for some reason..., competing in Tennis & Chess tournaments, and learning more about our world today. It has definetly been a ride. I just realized that I've been writing retirement speeches lately :P. Again, I am NOT retiring anytime soon, just a reminder.

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