The story behind DKz

"My name is BlazedDragon and I am Level 20 and I have 750+ trophies"

The story starts in a clan called DragonRage, the clan sounded really cool, so I joined it. But "I had a dream! A dream of being a leader!" I planned my dream to finally launch when I reached Level 20 and 750+ trophies. Once I reached that limit, I thought about the name of my clan. I thought; "Well...I'm a dragon, why not Dragon Warriors or Dragon Knights?" I seemed to remember asking someone about that... Anyways, I stumbled upon this, a website, a website with the clan named Dragon Knights. "It really bothered me, I didn't want to feel like I was just copying them." Then I searched up clans with the name: Dragon Knights. There were plenty of them. I didnt know what to do. THEN. An idea came through: "I can always just flip the s, turning it into a z..." I was right, I can flip it, and once I flipped that 's', a door opened in front of me, a door of change, opportunities, and a whole heap of fun! But that door had consequences; stress, long decisions, taking care of jerks, & a whole lot more. "But something told me, I can do it, I can lead Dragon Knightz." I pressed the button that changed everything for me, only one thing went through my mind: "I WILL LEAD DRAGON KNIGHTZ!"

I opened that door, being the leader of Dragon Knightz, got VERY LUCKY and recruited my very first member "Your name is Hammer? What an odd name, no offense", we then walked through vast lands and stumbled upon a player by the name of Azim Alidin, he was just recently kicked by his old clan. We had a few beers and had a chat, and we leaded Dragon Knightz together.

The story behind DTz

"Sir! The clan is full!"

Those words started a new-born clan, and started an alliance. It's started DKz Traineez. We were a little bumpy with the names, but we decided on DKz Traineez, why? Think about it. DKz stands for Dragon Knightz, add Traineez, Dragon Knightz Traineez. Many more people have joined the Dragon Dynasty, it was awesome! This is a kick start to an awesome alliance.

BlazedDragon Edit: This clan has disbanded. Reason

Behind the Scenes

Haha lol, that actually never happened. I just changed some facts and wording to make it sound more better. It was fun thinking of this, and typing it up. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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