"History are made by victors, let's do this!" (Day 1/July 1, 2013)

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? The 2013 BlazedDragon Cup is about to begin, will you please stay in your seats during the Opening Ceremony. Thank you.

A long time ago, a player sought to a clan, searching for days and weeks. Until he can no longer take it, he has created his own, his baby. It went through many hard and good times, it has braved through loss, robbery and broken hearts, but the man who created his baby never gave up, and all of it paid off. A new dragon was born! Creating an alliance, a federation, a family~. 7 months have passed since the first baby's born and today, the father is happy to proclaim...


That is right guys! I am happy to announce that the BlazedDragon Cup is opening it's doors for competition. We have 10 competitors at DKz & 3 competitors at DPz, all wanting to win their events.

Let me give you guys a brief summary of what the BlazedDragon Cup is...

The BlazedDragon Cup is an Olympic-based tournament that celebrates my birthday, Clash of Clans style. It may sound dorky, but it is my gift to you, for the many times we've had, and hoping for more awesome times with YOU! There are 5 events; Top-Player Challenge, Trophy Event, Donation Event, Ironman Challenge and War Cry Event. For more information on the events, go here.

It will definitely be a blast, I am looking forward to seeing some great action. I am part of the tournament as well, I am in all events, except War Cry, because my War Cry would either be "brb gonna DESTROY" or "Fortitudinem, Potentia, Scientia, Conversus noobs in turmas!" which is the clan's motto. I'm not really sure if I would be looking for a new motto, so that is undecided. Follow us on our Twitter to receive updates on the tournament, @DKnightzCoC. You can also join our Forums as well. Again, you don't have to be a Knight or a Paladin, anyone can follow & join the community.

Anyway, I hope you loved the starting entry. I would like to give Misso5 a shout-out! Because I didn't know how to start this entry, and helped me by telling me to do something else, because inspiration is the best way to cure writer's block. Also, I am surely not gonna miss an entry here at this clan journal, I will promise you that. If I do, I promise I will not take any troops for an entire week, and act like Jorge Yao & Kemal, giving troops away for free and popping by clans and surprising them with troops. Deal? Anyway...

Clash on and may your barbarians run straight! May the best clasher win! ~dBD

First Blood (Day 2/July 2, 2013)

Event(s) today: Top Player Challenge

No, no, no, no one got killed. What I mean by first blood is that, I got really frustrated this morning. I woke up, did my normal routine, play Clash of Clans before, during and after breakfast. I wake up in someone asking me what the BlazedDragon Cup is all about and how does he sign up. I was completely flabbergasted at how much clan mail I've sent and how much time players had to ask me, because I know I announced the BlazedDragon Cup 2 months ago, and that player was still asking me about it.

I won't say who, not just because they will get embarrassed or anything, but because there was more than one. So, I am opening registration to the BlazedDragon Cup for the LAST day. Just for these few members to join, then we can resume the Top-Player Challenge. At the moment, I am proud to say that I am leading, with Misso behind my tail, Taz closing in, in our seesaw game, while Huy & The are trying to get out of each others way.

Again, follow us on Twitter @DKnightzCoC. You can join our forums as well, you don't have to be a Knight or Paladin to do so.

I would also like to point out that I will not be posting anything about the clan, but unrelated to the BlazedDragon Cup, because this journal is specifically for the BlazedDragon Cup and I would like it to stay that way. Anyway, without further ado. See you guys on the next one!

Citius, Altius, Fortius (Day 3/July 3, 2013)

Event(s) Today: Top-Player Challenge

Once again, the Top-Player Challenge will be the only event for this week, until July 7, which is the Donation Count & Ironman Challenge, it will surely be a thrill watching everyone stealing everyone's donations. I can't wait for the action!

Taz is closing in on me, overtaking Misso. I believe he is about 100 trophies away into getting to me. It will definitely be hard to get past 1900, or 1800 in general. Not only I'm getting owned by players with more than 2000 trophies, it's harder to find good raids. I really need to change my army into something 1st class. I'm not really asking for suggestions, I'll know I can find a way past it.

Anyway, moving on. The players who wanted to join the BlazedDragon Cup, but were late, are in the competition, so registration is closed now. Alexrudead, the top player in DKz, is in it too. Although, he hasn't done his registration properly, he forgot to put in the events he is going through. There have been rumors running around DKz that he will join the Top-Player Challenge, and that is a highly strong possibility, according to his status in DKz. If he does join the Top-Player Challenge, I am definitely cool with that, it will surely be a challenge to beat him.

According to a PM sent to BD, Taz says; "Here's to hoping alexrudead does not enter in the top player trophy competition." Which totally confirms that he is afraid of Alex, and Alex is definitely a player to look out for.

BD said that; "...if Supercell does something about it, we can do like a State of Origin thing or maybe an actual Olympics, where you play for your team, and whomever wins the most medals or wins the most events gets their name on a shield..." If something does happen like that, it will surely be an interesting & exciting event.

Here is an exclusive BTS on what will change in BDC.

BD mentions that there might be an online betting forum. It will have different types of bets, the winner, the wooden spoon, the person to reach this amount first, all that. It is still a work in progress. BD also says that he knows that all his clan members are kids, and kids aren't allowed to gamble, so he will try his best to not let gambling be a problem, so everyone shut up about it! It is planned to launch tomorrow, or maybe the day after, because everyone knows BD is an old slacker.

Something outside the BlazedDragon Cup, but is still connected to it. BD will be revamping the DKz site to it's greater glory! With the Hall of Fame being refurnished into a page where you can find the winners of the BlazedDragon Cup and other tournaments.

Just remember, you will never miss any action in the BlazedDragon Cup ever again! Just follow us on Twitter at @DKnightzCoC. You can also sign up on our forum page, again, you don't have to be a knight or a paladin to do so. To subscribe to this Clan Journal, just send me an email at Dragon Dynasty's email address, and if you receive an email from us, then your subscription got through.

This concludes Day 3 of the BlazedDragon Cup, hold on to your horses there will be more exciting news and more! All the Dragon Dynasty news right here, at BlazedDragon's Clan Journal. Take care! Brush your hair! I'll see ya when I see ya, PEACE!

"Failure is not our only punishment for being lazy, but the success of others too." (Day 4/July 4, 2013/USA's Independence Day)

Event(s) Today: Top-Player Challenge

Alright alright, I know I have been slacking off these few days. But at this moment on, I shall be hardworking on what I promised. Except for Saturday & Sunday, which are my normal weekend times.

The cause for my laziness is because of my old friends. I finally got in touch with them via Skype and they had a Minecraft server which is like Mindcrack. Anyway, they invited me to be one of their members. I joined and I had sooo much fun catching up with the guys. I literally haven't seen them for a year, right after I stopped playing Minecraft. I don't want to go in details on what happened, because this journal is specifically for the BlazedDragon Cup. Long story short, it was awesome to see them again, I will be seeing them again in the near future, having more fun with them.

Anyway, on to the BlazedDragon Cup. Taz is definetly closing in on me, but will he be able to pass the 1800 mark? Will I be able to pass the 1900 mark? It has been incredibly difficult to pass it, but I shall accept the challenge. There has been no word from Alex yet, hopefully we will soon. Online Betting Forum is coming up as well, it is all coming soon.

Anyway, this was Day 4 of Writing History, see you guys!

The Roadblock (Day 5/July 5, 2013)

Event(s) Today: Top-Player Challenge

As you can read from the title above, I am seriously stuck on 1850. On the bright side, Alex hasn't appeared today and Taz is stuck on 1700 too. I know you are reading this now Taz :)

Moving on, I have finally set up the Online Betting Forum, and a lot of bets are flowing in, many crazy ones too like betting 30 dragons Taz will become last place. There are just so much excitement going on.

I won't be on as much tomorrow, I am going somewhere with my family, but I will still be able to play Clash of Clans and write an entry, but not work. That's about it really, nothing more you need to know. Just keep those bets coming in! Remember you don't have to be a Knight or a Paladin to do so, you just need statistics :P

"You've got 25 minutes to make a name for yourself" (Day 6/July 6, 2013)

Event(s) Today: Top-Player Challenge

I haven't been on much lately, but Taz has really been a fear on me. He overtook me and it hasn't been a seesaw game. I'm crossing my fingers that he will fall by a raid from a strong player. But no time to get nasty, I have to get up there!

The Online Betting Forum has been getting crazy bets, I inserted a new topic lately, "Will Taz reach Crystal before the end of Trophy Push?", you decide! You HAVE to be a Knight or a Paladin to do so. Follow us @DKnightzCoC as well, for updates!

Anyway, that is pretty much it, I was out all day with my family, so I don't have much to say. Clash on and may your barbarians run straight!

The roar of the crowd makes the blue flame stronger (July 7, 2013/Day 7)

Event(s) Today: Top-Player Challenge

Alright guys, I am so close into beating Taz and winning that title as the winner of the Top-Player Challenge of the BlazedDragon Cup. I don't know, I have a feeling my luck would run out and Taz will overtake me. At the moment, I am sitting on 1920, 30 trophies in front of Taz. I'm confident, but with my luck, it doesn't look likely anymore.

Taz has definetly been a great contender, on the first day, it didn't seem he was a threat, but on the 4th day, he started to rise and I realize he is starting to be a threat. Now, he is a HUGE threat to me. I have a good feeling he is going to overtake me at some point. So the competitors were; Mr.T (The), Misso, Huy, Taz, Doku & I, all of them were great competitors and it has been a thrill versing them, it really has. You have made my day really hard, trying to win the event. I thank you for giving me this awesome challenge.

Lately, I've been staying up watching Wimbledon, it really has been exciting. At the moment, Andy Murray of Scotland, has won Wimbledon 2013. I'm sure a few of you already know this, but it has been 77 years since Britain has won their own tournament, they are really happy right now, like extremely! Watching Murray play was outstanding, 4-6 5-7 4-6 defeating world number one, Novak Djokovic. That last game was seriously intense, another seesaw game, very intense. Just like our Top-Player Event, but Tennis is more intense, especially the world is expecting something.

Hopefully this wasn't short for you, Wimbledon this year was certainly fantastic, I wish I had recorded every match, it was certainly fantastic. The winner of Top-Player Challenge will be announced later today, 12mn GMT. Which also starts 2 events, Ironman Challenge and Donation Event, which will really be crazy and intense, with everyone stealing each other's donations. It surely will be fun playing it. I don't think I will win, that's why I'm trying to win Top-Player Challenge, so that I can hold that BlazedDragon shield with my own hands, virtually.

What I'm thinking of doing for the trophies, I will put them on the Hall of Fame in the DKz site and naming them after the winners of the events. So for example, if I win Top-Player Challenge, it will be called the BlazedDragon Shield, but if Taz wins, it will be called the Tazdevil Shield. This is a thought in process, there is a chance it might not happen. If it does, I don't think every winner will get their trophy named by themselves. They need to be a role model at that, we can't have a trophy that is named after a hated player. Remember, it is a thought in process. Anyway, see you guys!

I'VE GOT THE POWER (July 8, 2013/Day 8)

Event(s) Today: Ironman Challenge, Donation Event

If you have been following my Twitter, you must have already known that I won the Top-Player Challenge. Yes, I WON THE TOP-PLAYER CHALLENGE! The other competitors were; Tazdevil1, Dokugan, The, Misso5, and Huy Celest Toge. Here are the results:

1st-BlazedDragon (1944)
2nd-Tazdevil1 (1899)
3rd-Dokugan (1678)
4th-The (1539)

5th-Misso5 (1509)

6th-Huy Celest Toge (1328)

Haha lol, that looked weird, since Huy has a longer name and Mr.T has a shorter one. Anyway, the Donation Event & Ironman Challenge has just started, and it really is sparking up the BlazedDragon Cup. When you thought Top-Player Challenge was serious, check out the donation events, they are wild! Everyone stealing each other's donations, advertising their products, we even had to bring in the hoppers to shut them up. It has been a crazy ride, and I believe there will be more.

So, this is another short one. Unfortunately, I haven't got much time left, with school coming back. I will continue the Clan Journal Entries, as promised. See you guys on the next one!

Don't you just hate it when... (July 9, 2013/Day 9)

Your parents ruin your day? Yes, I have that same problem. I barely came on today because my parents said we needed to have some "Family Time" when we always watch a movie once a week and have visits with friends every other week! It is just terribly annoying. This is going to be another short one unfortunately, I am not sure if I will be on much tomorrow, as my job gets harder the day goes by.

The donation events have been rocking Dragon Knightz like hell. It has been crazy like yesterday, it will be predicted that there will be some crazy winds coming in the next few days, get it? No? Nevermind...

Just another short entry guys, I'm so sorry, but hopefully you enjoyed, see you guys!

Fate... (Day 13/July 13, 2013)

Event(s) Today: Ironman Challenge, Donation Event, Trophy Event, War Cry Event,

It seems that I will be dropping by clans. I'm terribly sorry, I've been so busy lately, and my parents keep dragging me into doing something else. So I will be sticking to my promise and dropping by clans and give troops for free. I will only raid once though, just so that I can get into a league and prove I am not inactive.

Zetaboards servers have been down lately, therefore War Cry was postponed till today. Some entries have gone in, competitors do need to remember that you can enter with more than one entry. The event will be voted by the community, so come on down and vote! You don't have to be a Knight or a Paladin to do so. I will be monitoring the board for new entries and such.

Anyway, as I have promised, I will be dropping by clans to give out free troops. So if you want me to visit your clan, drop them down below, and rest assured that I will visit you! I will be dropping by DPz first of course. Follow me at Twitter @DKnightzCoC to stalk me around, so you know which clans I'm visiting and going to next. I will be tweeting which clans I'm in and will go to next everytime I visit a clan. I will also do random clans, if there isn't a lot of clans. Just follow me on Twitter and you can stalk and follow me wherever you wish. I will be donating Lv1 PEKKAs, Lv3 Dragons, Lv5 Archers, and Lv2 Minions. So anyway, just drop your clan down below, and I will see you guys on the 21st! See you!

I'm still alive! (July 25, 2013)

So...I know I've been away for too long. A lot of things have been keeping me away from the awesome Clash of Clans Wiki, and you guys! I am terribly sorry, I have no idea how I'm going to make it up to you, but I hope you understand.

So, during the weekends or sometime this week, I will be working on getting myself pepped up. I've left a lot of work undone, and more work will be coming, so I've decided to make a new start. No, I'm not dropping all those tasks of course. I am keeping to my word with a fresh, new BlazedDragon! In the days coming, you will see a few works polished, so that I can get to work on them. If you have any suggestions on what I should do, don't hesitate to put them down below.

Upon daily readers, I bet there is NO ONE reading this at the moment, because of my absence. So instead, I've decided that YOU guys will decide. If you have a better way for you guys to get updated, then step right ahead and place them down below. For the moment, I am using Twitter, but I want to change it somehow.

The scores for the War Cry, Ironman, Donation Event will be tallied tomorrow or sometime this week, I have to go now, I have tons of things to do. So anyway, clash on and may your barbarians run straight!