Welcome to DKz Hall of Fame! Requested by one of our members; SLeePiNz. There are 3 sections; Hall of Fame, Record Book, and Hall of Shame. Hall of Fame is a record of accomplishments that cannot be taken over, for example, "First Leader", no one can overtake that, because if they became the Leader, they are considered as the Second Leader. Record Book is a record of accomplishments that CAN be taken over due time. Hall of Shame is a record of negative accomplishments that may or may not be taken over, and the title says all.

How to get in the Dragon Knightz Hall of Fame

  1. You need to be in Dragon Knightz, so that you have done the accomplishment in Dragon Knightz
  2. When competing for something, you can either tell me or tell me later
  3. Reach for it
  4. There may be some times I don't believe you—if that is the case I apologize. So maybe get a screenshot of your awesome record and I might be able to display it on here
  5. Go to my message wall or down below and send in your entry, I will have a look at it and you might be able to see your name on here
  • Do note that you can create your own record, but if it's settling for Hall of Fame, it has to be very unique and creative
  • Basically Hall of Fame is very difficult to get in, unless it's either; unique or creative

Not Sure-**

Hall of Fame

First Leader: BlazedDragon*
First Co-Leader: Hammer*
Second Co-Leader: Azim Alidin
First Leader to lead the Feeder clan: Al3xgamer*
Second Leader to lead the Feeder clan: Azim Alidin
First Leader to retire: SLeePiNz
First Member to be in the same country as the Leader: Hammer*
First Leader to leave the clan: Purpleface617**
First Leader to get kicked off the clan: Nath
First group of siblings to join the clan: David12345FTWju & REMAYFAV
The Player who solved the First Inactivity Crisis: BlazedDragon*
First Player to make a Grand Return!: David12345FTWju
First Birthday Party Celebrated: Hammer* (25/1/13)
First Disgusting Leader: SLeePiNz
First Player to expand us socially: SLeePiNz (Forum Page)
First Female Leader: REMAYFAV
First Player to finish "Sweet Victory" Level 3: BlazedDragon* (Defeated Zim XP)
The First Player to become a True Dragon Knight: Azim Alidin (Unfortunately, he beat me at this one)
First Female Leader to Retire: REMAYFAV

Record Book

Longest time online/per day: Opened
Largest amount of trophies seen on DKz: Joachim H (1897)
Largest amount of troops donated: SLeePiNz (5565)
Closest Allied Clan: Armed Alliance (Armed and Ready*/Arming Up/Farming Up*)
Longest Brb: BlazedDragon* (10hrs/I was sleeping!)
Most Awesomest: Azim Alidin** (So he says)
Player to jump back and forth of clans many times: 2442cc** (So he says)
Highest Level seen on Dragon Knightz: Gorillaman (Level 90)
Biggest Rivalry: BlazedDragon* & Azim Alidin (But, we are still friends :D)
Most Amount of Titles Held: SLeePiNz (7, including this one!)

Hall of Shame

First jerk to be in the clan: Zoko (Leaving the clan and saying lies about us)
Biggest jerk of all: Baylee (For kicking members without permission and insulting members)
Biggest Noob: SLeePiNz** (So he says)
Lowest amount of trophies seen on DKz: engener kaleb (217)
First person to have problems with Baylee: Matty G
Most Disgusting Leader: SLeePiNz
Most Inactive Member before he got kicked: TOXIC WARRIORS (1 month)
Least amount of trophies a Leader had: Nath (400s)
Most amount of kicks: Madison (20+)
First Player to jump back and forth clans: Madison
First Leader to be in the Hall of Shame: Baylee
The Player whom have 'changed': Baylee
First Player to ditch us for making an awesome clan: Azheng1023

V I don't know how to fix what below V

List of jerks:

  • Zoko
  • pappa joe ok (Same as Zoko)
  • Matty G (Had problems with Baylee)
  • Thieske (Kicking a random person and leaving with crude words behind)
  • Baylee
  • Single T 007 (Blackmail and massive amounts of crude words)
  • Madison (People say he is annoying & rude)
  • George (Massive amount of swearing)
  • SpartanSlayer (Always sparking a fight)

Inspired by Club Penguin Armies XP/Team Gold, Watex Warriors, Defense of Club Penguin

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