I am proud to announce, with the Dragon Dynasty's honor, that I have successfully DESTROYED Boots Electric of Minnesota Nice's base. I have got to say, Boots Electric, thank you for giving me the opportunity to wipe out your base. I am trying so hard not to swear or use any cuss words. You have got a great, and strong base, but there were a few weaknesses I noticed that made me win, and that is what I'm going to mention now.

IMG 0308

Despite you having most Level 7 Walls and a Level 7 Barbarian King, I have decided my best bet on beating you was to use Flying troops. Even though you had 3 Level 5 Air Defenses, but the flaw I saw was that all your Air Defenses were upgrading, thus, weakness number 1. I have no idea why I threw my lightning spells at your Air Defenses, when they should be malfunctioning.

With your town hall out and about, I realized you might have some Hidden Teslas around there. Right when I was about to change my plan, I remembered I have a Barbarian King and thought he would be best useful as a meat shield, while a couple of minions and my clan troops wiped your Town Hall. I know you did this intentionally, but let's say this is another weakness, as you already knew I was coming for you. In a way, this is weakness number 2.

Although, I am an Aussie, you didn't have the Philippines Flag. Again, in a way, this is weakness number 3, because I don't attack players with the PH flag. :P

IMG 0304

That's all what I kept in mind of, and it paid off. I got a 92% win and 8 trophies off you. I specifically asked my clan members to give me the best troops they got, preferably Air Troops. I used 50 minions and 5 dragons. I even bothered to give you a shield. Before I left to take you down, I told my clan that this battle will honor the Dragon Dynasty. It just so happens that it is our Clan's Monthly Anniversary. :P

So, this was all in fun. Hopefully I didn't hurt any feelings, you're a great player, and I wish you to continue being one. Before I took you down, the clan went crazy, wishing me luck. Clash on nerd! ~dBD

IMG 0310

What stopped me from completely wiping out Boots

IMG 0305
IMG 0306
IMG 0307

As you can see, I was in hysterics

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