Hey guys!

I know I haven't been on this wiki in a while, but things have been keeping me off, even I can't work on the Chinese wiki! It's not just homework that has been keeping me all-day, but friends, gaming and life as well. This may sound like a retirement speech, but I'm not retiring from Clash of Clans nor the Dragon Dynasty anytime soon. In fact, this part of the paragraph is totally unrelated to the topic I'm about to bring up. Heh, you read this paragraph for nothing.


I've had a visitor in my base late last night, right when I was sleeping under my covers. My pal, Boots Electric, went online and did raid, now this may start to sound like a sabotage, but it isn't. The raid was aimed at me! So he done the deed with; 60 barbarians, 53 archers, 44 minions & 6 wall breakers, and then earned himself a good amount of elixir loot. Then he fled, to another raid he goes!

So now I ask you folks...




The poll was created at 02:47 on June 9, 2013, and so far 38 people voted.

Boots and me, we are both great pals. Anyone whom are great friends with Scotty & Boneyard from Clash of Clans Podcast are my friends too. I remember one time, I wanted to visit Minnesota Nice, just to see what the players at Minnesota Nice are like and how they do everything, but no one was on at the time, I should have used a timezone converter before requesting to join. So, I gave up, returned to my clan. The next day, I receive an email saying that I've been rejected by Boots Electric from Minnesota Nice.

So, there are no grudges or bad feelings between us. But you still have to choose if I should return the favor. If you have an army composition that I should use in order to wipe him out, leave them down below!

Prepare for no mercy, Boots!

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