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  • I am Awesomeness.
  • Blueruler2

    Here is an idea from a friend of mine.

    Goblin Emperor: Appearance: Lvl 1-9: A huge Goblin with a bronze crown inlaid with crystals perched atop his bald head.Has a long oak staff inlaid with pearls. At the top is placed a crystal. His fine silken robes are that of a deep sapphire hue, embroidered with thread of real silver.

    Lvl 10-19: His crown becomes that of silver, home to sparkling amethysts. His staff is replaced with a gray metal one, now inlaid with semi-precious stones. At the top an amethyst to resemble that on his crown is placed. His robes are a deep ruby-red, keeping the silver embroidery

    .Lvl 20+: His crown of gold is inlaid with sapphires of incredible depth, rivaled by emeralds greener than the healthiest grass. Rubies captivat…

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