Here is an idea from a friend of mine.

Goblin Emperor: Appearance: Lvl 1-9: A huge Goblin with a bronze crown inlaid with crystals perched atop his bald head.Has a long oak staff inlaid with pearls. At the top is placed a crystal. His fine silken robes are that of a deep sapphire hue, embroidered with thread of real silver.

Lvl 10-19: His crown becomes that of silver, home to sparkling amethysts. His staff is replaced with a gray metal one, now inlaid with semi-precious stones. At the top an amethyst to resemble that on his crown is placed. His robes are a deep ruby-red, keeping the silver embroidery

.Lvl 20+: His crown of gold is inlaid with sapphires of incredible depth, rivaled by emeralds greener than the healthiest grass. Rubies captivate all who look upon them, creating an illusion of flames brighter than the one of inspiration they themselves create. his claws terrify all, almost more so than the dark obsidian staff he holds, topped with a diamond of beauty and mystique, brighter than the stars themselves. His robes of ruby red are embroidered with thread of real gold, and clue you in. Fear mortals, for it is the Goblin Emperor. 

To unlock, And to originally unlock him, in the last singleplayer map, you would have to kill him.

Other Abilities: I was thinking, maybe in Defense, there would be an option where you could get the goblin Emperor to grab 100k gold and 100k elixir and you would have to kill him to get it.

The Wirter was ClasherGirl, welcome her to Wikia!!

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