The update with tons of new stuff is coming out on January 2015!

This is a list of new things coming on the 2016 update.

  • As you've probably guessed, Town Hall 11 & 12 are coming out with their new colors: Blue and white.
  • There will be more troops based on the elixirs, such as digging/underground troops.
  • There will be a new kind of elixir available at Town Hall 12, the Pure Elixir.
  • Troops will have much more advanced AI, so they don't get distracted by a cannon the whole attack.
  • The three types of elixirs will each buy you a type of troop. Elixir will buy you ground, Dark Elixir will buy you underground, and Pure Elixir will buy you Aerial Troops.
  • Offline single-player.
  • More single-player missions.
  • Resources in single-player missions will regenerate.

Now to get to the ideas that will most likely be in the uptate after athe one above.

  • Witch Towers.
  • Cage Traps will capture your troops in a practically inescapable trap, unless they have enough power to get out. Otherwise, they are Prisoners Of War and can be used in the enemy's next attack.
  • Gem mines.
  • Town Hall 13 with its new color: Green.
  • New wizards: Poison Type!

That pretty much wraps it up for all Supercell has to say. Thanks guys! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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