• Bowsta

    "Sticky" situation

    July 4, 2015 by Bowsta

    Today we started a war against a clan with superior bases but inferior skills. I am our teams number 3 and with my first war attack I attacked their number 4. His base was rather low compared to the other bases around him. Especially walls and heroes. I was positive I could three star him. His base seemed to be really straightforward. Obvious places where the bombs could be. Teslas right around his TH. and his bases compartments were very solid squares. Looking very chees-boardesque.

    I enjoy using Valkyries recently as they have much higher health then wizards and do nearly the exact same damage when their attacks hit two targets. Plus they move faster so as to give a better chance to not time out around 99% and they have an 8 troop capaci…

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  • Bowsta

    Hello. My name is Bowsta and I lead a clan named Broncs. We are a war focused clan and we have a tight it group of clashers that most of which know each other know everybody in real life.

    I will try to update this blog as often as possible to keep a record of our clash of clans experiences.

    The new July 2015 master spellcasters and legends update was very interesting. While the vast vast majority of this update is amazing! There are a few things that I did not like. First off the wall breaker AI. It was really bad. Much worse then before. So bad in fact that the day after the update Supercell made a hot fix to revert the AI back to its original AI before the update. Fixed.

    The other problem that I noticed, is it seems that troop selection dur…

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