Today we started a war against a clan with superior bases but inferior skills. I am our teams number 3 and with my first war attack I attacked their number 4. His base was rather low compared to the other bases around him. Especially walls and heroes. I was positive I could three star him. His base seemed to be really straightforward. Obvious places where the bombs could be. Teslas right around his TH. and his bases compartments were very solid squares. Looking very chees-boardesque.

I enjoy using Valkyries recently as they have much higher health then wizards and do nearly the exact same damage when their attacks hit two targets. Plus they move faster so as to give a better chance to not time out around 99% and they have an 8 troop capacity which is relatively low for a troop of that health and can only have one thrown by a spring trap because spring traps can only fling 15 capacity off the map.

My army comp was 2 golems plus one in my CC, 8 valks, 16ish wizards. 8 WBs and one pekka ( I'm not a hug fan of pekkas because of their slow speed, slow swing timer, perpetuity to get stuck circling the outside of the base, and double damage taken from Teslas). I went in dropping two golems spread enough that a full row of wizards behind them would be fully protected. Released some bombers to blow open pathways dropped a king and a few more wizards then waited for a short time to see where my army would go. When I saw my original golem taking some pretty severe damage I selected my heal spell and was ready to protect him, but he took down the archer tower he was attacking and the wizards took out the cannon pelting him. He was safe for now. Seeing my opening to drop all my valks I quickly selected them and started sprinting King them on the grass..... Or so I thought.......

Ever since the July 2015 update our clan has adopted the term "sticky" troop icons to address the phenomonon of your selected unit not being deselected when you try to choose another unit. Because it feels like whatever is selected is ... Sticking, and not wanting to release to the troop you want it to go to.

Sure enough instead of selecting. Y Valkyries my troop selection stuck in heals and I spattered both my heal spells on the grass in the middle of nowhere... And I was sad... Lol

Long story short.. Well I guess, long story not quite as long. I two starred with about 71%. I am positive had I been able to use one of those heal spells on my golems and the other one on my valks I would have three starred...

Oh well. We look like we're going to win. And I didn't skunk (0 star) my attack so at least I'll get some loot... I posted about 4 times on the clash of clans forums on other threads people have been talking about their own troop selection problems since the update. And I will continue to so the issue doesn't lose traction.

Thanks for reading.

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