Hello. My name is Bowsta and I lead a clan named Broncs. We are a war focused clan and we have a tight it group of clashers that most of which know each other know everybody in real life.

I will try to update this blog as often as possible to keep a record of our clash of clans experiences.

The new July 2015 master spellcasters and legends update was very interesting. While the vast vast majority of this update is amazing! There are a few things that I did not like. First off the wall breaker AI. It was really bad. Much worse then before. So bad in fact that the day after the update Supercell made a hot fix to revert the AI back to its original AI before the update. Fixed.

The other problem that I noticed, is it seems that troop selection during a battle is more "sticky" let me explain...

Before I felt it was a bit easier to tap a new troop or spell to select it. Allowing for quicker de ions and better reaction times to changeling battle conditions. Now it seems that I have to hit the troop selection more solidly, or hit it harder or keep my finger on it for a split second longer to change it. In my first war attack I actually selected a heal spell but when I realized that instead I wanted to drop my queen and save the spell for when I was in more dire need. When I went to drop my queen outside of the defenders base, I hear the magical serenity of the beautiful heal spell. The spell was in the most useless place ever, outside the outer wall with no troops beneath it... *facepalm* Long story short. I ended up skunking the attack (skunking is the term our clan has given to getting or receiving a 0 star failed (or defended) attack. Luckily I was able to three star my second attack and our clan will sail to a decisive victory in this war! Thanks for reading! Check back from time to time to hear more of my adventures in the world of Clash of Clans!

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