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  • Brady1726

    Mortar vs. Wizard Tower

    January 26, 2013 by Brady1726

    Hey guys! This page was originally made by User:JJ888, but I moved it to a blog.

    and Wizard Tower]]

     I made this page because I have been wondering and wondering about what is better, a Wizard tower or a Mortar. Both have splash damage and are built for mowing down large groupes of troops. Now, I bet that a lot of you favor the wizard tower and I'm sure many others would have a different opinion.

    PROS: The mortar may appear bad with its low dps, but it shots do a lot of damage. it is cheaper that the wizard tower to buy and upgrade and is availible earlier than the wizard tower. It is extremely powerful against those pesky archers.

    CONS: BLIND SPOT!!!! This is the Mortar's biggest flaw. hide it deep in your base. also it fires very, very slowl…

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  • Brady1726

    If you were to...

    January 19, 2013 by Brady1726

    If you were to make up your own troops, how would it be like?


    Levels available:

    Damage per second:

    Hit points:

    Favorite target:

    Damage type:


    Housing space:

    Training time:

    Movement speed:

    Copy the above, paste it in your comment, and fill it out

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  • Brady1726

    Badges glitch

    January 19, 2013 by Brady1726

    There seems to be a glitch with me... Every time I earn a badge and I try to go to another page my iPad freezes. I have to exit out of the screen and go back. Is it because I'm on an iPad or what?

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  • Brady1726

    Clan Elder

    January 19, 2013 by Brady1726

    An elder is someone in a clan who has many rights. Clan elders can promote members to elders, can invite people in the clan (by sending "mail"), and most importantly... Kicking. But elders cant kick elders, only leaders can. I made this blog for all clan leaders to be careful who to promote to elder, they can kick many members. I have a past experiences of this. Someone joined our clan and kept asking and asking for elder. Our clan leader finally gave him elder and then everyone left. The next morning on our clan chat I saw everyone was kicked. I scrolled down all the way and it kept going. I checked how many people we had left and it was 5. It was me and the elders left.

    So I highly recommend that you know the person you want to promote be…

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