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Wizard tower vs Mortar

Wizard tower and mortar

Mortar and Wizard Tower

 I made this page because I have been wondering and wondering about what is better, a Wizard tower or a Mortar. Both have splash damage and are built for mowing down large groupes of troops. Now, I bet that a lot of you favor the wizard tower and I'm sure many others would have a different opinion.


PROS: The mortar may appear bad with its low dps, but it shots do a lot of damage. it is cheaper that the wizard tower to buy and upgrade and is availible earlier than the wizard tower. It is extremely powerful against those pesky archers.

CONS: BLIND SPOT!!!! This is the Mortar's biggest flaw. hide it deep in your base. also it fires very, very slowly, which really stinks.

Wizard tower

PROS: The wizard tower offers many things that the mortar does not, like the ability to hit air units and decent damage per second. Wizard towers fires a ton faster than the Mortar, which makes them a good chioce for defending your town hall. Also they do not have a blind spot, which is a HUGE advantage over the mortar.

CONS: The low range is the most prominent disdvantage for the wizard tower, as troops have to practically be attacking it for it to take action. also, these are availible a lot later than the mortar and cost a lot more to get and upgrade.

Tell me your opinion! 

Which is better?

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