Well most of you may not know, but I used to be on an account called Brady1726, I was an admin on the account as I am on this one. Apparently I am not able to get my account because someone disabled it. I am still looking for a way to get it back. But here is the story so all you know:

Well, what happened was weird. So I was in class one day on realsteel wikia and I went to the bathroom forgetting my account was logged in. A classmate who sat next to me thought it would be a funny prank to disable my account while I was gone. He disabled it by the time I got back and I was not able to log on due to it. I immediatly contacted wikia staff and they said it cannot be undone. I recently remembered the wikia and contacted them again but they said the same thing, they told me to create a new account. Everytime I try to log on this is what I see: 

I will still continue TRYING to find a way to get my account back because I had edits and trophies on it and I would like to use the account again if possible by wikia staff. 

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