Hello anyone who is reading this, aha. Sorry I've been inactive, I seem to do that a lot. But just been busy in real life, including having Prom. Man though, it was super fun. My beautiful date and I had a ton of fun, got some good pictures, went to someones house and cuddled (kinda slept too :P) on the couch until 2am in the morning haha. But one interesting moment was when I went to the bathroom and slipped and hit my head on the counter top, totally cutting my head open. It'll all be fine, it's gonna scar though. All fun and games though. Anyways, just wanted to give ya'll a quick update. Now that the nice weather is coming out in Washington, I'm gonna be working on my old 54 Ford Customline and get it done! I'll try to be more active sometime sorry lol. Clash on!

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