Hello Clashers! I know most of you don't need to read this blog but I decided to make it in my free time! :)

So when I first started on this wikia back in 2012 the community was amazing, there were more vandals back then but the community was a lot bigger and nicer. On my other blog I talked about my story of getting my account disabled. I recently came back to this wikia late 2014 and I got some weird responses when I was promoted to Admin right after I joined. I feel like this caused some hatred towards me because it was just out of the bleu and I got promoted. By now you should probably understand that I have been on this wikia since 2012, just now I'm on a different account. That's not the point of this blog as you can tell by the title. This blog is short but I want to get it out.

As I said when I joined I got a lack of respect from a select few of you. It has caused me to block a person because of it. I am sure this won't be an issue anymore but I just want to make the blog because I can. :P The person I blocked said afterwards it was a joke but even if it was, a lack of respect is not a joke ever, especially to a staff member. The staff members are here to help the wikia and show the new guys what the wikia is all about. If you guys show a lack of respect towards us we start to get mad and that can create a domino effect on other new players from us. I am just asking you guys to show the new people and everyone else how this wikia runs. Even if you aren't staff members, you still have a voice! As I also said above, the wikia back then was a lot bigger and Spottra and I were talking about it the other day. Truly, one of the main goals of this wikia is to make friends and have fun. I request the wikia shows the respect we can in every single situation, again even if you aren't staff members. We will start adding new staff very soon and I want you guys to not get jealous and show them the same respect you would to anyone else. Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you guys can fulfill what this wiki is all about!

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