Hello fellow clashers! I am making this short blog just because.... well because I am bored! :P

As the title says, this is a TBT (throwback thursday) blog. I know there is a 99.99% I'll never get my account Brady1726 back ever again but since it's thursday I might as well make a blog about it! :D

I am going to revisit my old account just for mostly my own memories. My old account Brady1726 ( was created back in December 20, 2012. That is a very long time ago if you think bout it. Anyways, I remember when I joined clash of clans after my friend intoduced me to a game called "backyard monsters". He told me that clash of clans was a new hot game and it was similar to backyard monsters, which it was. I started the game after that and later joined the wiki because I always had questions. I had no idea how parts of the game worked so I needed this wiki for the answers. I created an account named "Lilly1726" and the community was great! Tons of people around and on live chat, we were friends. 


Almost immediately (1 month) after joining the wiki I was promoted to rollback, which surprised me, I didn't know what I was doing was good enough to get promoted. About a week after I was promoted to rollback AND chat mod. I was like freaking out and I started to enjoy the wiki a lot more. I was as active as anyone could basically get and then before I knew it, 2 weeks exactly after getting promoted, I was promoted to admin. This blew my mind. I was still wondering how I could of helped the wiki out so much that they would appreciate me enough to promote me 3 times within like 3 weeks. So basically after 2 months of joining the wiki I became an admin. I'm not saying this to make anyone jealous, it's just what happened.

I made friends with SynergyShade, GorillaMan, BadWolf, BlazedDragon, and a ton of more people! Everytime I logged on to the wiki I would just feel happy. I entered high school and that just got me real good. I was too busy to do anything, let alone help out a wiki! Second semester came along as a freshman and I finally got an easy computer class to where when I finished my assignment I could log onto the wiki! I was so excited! But however in may 2014 a kid who sat next to me disabled my account while I went to the bathroom. I know now there is a 30 day rule to where you can reactivate it, but when I asked them 2 days after they said it wasn't possible to reactivate it. I was mad and made a new account right after (this one) and in november 2014 I became active again after getting ahold on school. Before I knew it, this wiki was "dead". Not saying there was nobody doing anything, it just wasn't what I remembered. I finally convinced the new staff I was Brady1726 and I got promoted now I am here. The community is different from 2012 but I don't care, I love all of you guys! Thanks for making my experience as a staff member amazing! I hope to see this wiki grow to what it was in 2012 and even bigger!

I just thought I would make this in my free time, hope you guys enjoyed my short story! Love you all!

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