Just had like one of my worst attacks ever in a war. I tried to do all archers and minions for fun and got 0 stars. I then attacked a low level base trying to clean up the map and I used mass hog with archers and wizards and 2 golems but all my hogs got killed by 1 giant bomb. I then accidentally pressed my barbarian king which used up his power when trying to click on the archer queen. Of course the power didn't last long because it was at the beginning with lots of troops. My wizards I deployed were doing great along with the golems but then the golems got stuck behind a wall while the wizards went around and started attacking the town hall. The only thing was the clan castle troops were destroying my stuck golems all the while my wizards don't give a crap and keep attacking the town hall and then finally kill the cc troops. So basically everything went wrong in my attacks… Oh I forgot to mention at the end it was just my barbarian king and he is slow but he still destroyed everything, except the air defense. On his way to the air defense the time ran out… :/

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