This is the life of the person that trains your troops. Enjoy!

Hey there,

Its me, your troop trainer! What, you don't know me? Well I'm always inside so you never see me. You don't care, do you? Well if your still reading, I will tell you everything i have done for you.

It all started in the tutorial. I saw how my barracks was build by your first builder. I didn't even have time to look around in my new home, and I had to train 20 barbarians for you! The barbarians are pretty easy to train. Clash of clanians want to destroy everything of other people, so I basically give them a sword and learn i learn them how to handle one it always takes around 20 seconds to do that.

I saw how happy you were when the attack was a succes. I smiled, but again you couldn't see me. I trained a lot other troops for you. Especially because you like to attack other players.

Suddenly, you saw that you wore able to have other troops. You wore looking at the best troops and wore like: WOW! I want a pekka! Oh! And a dragon! WOW!

Well I cant train those troops for you without the right tools, so you upgraded my barracks. The house was bigger, so I could train more troops, You also gave me the right tools to train archers. Woman are the same as man: They want to destroy. But of course woman aren't as strong as man. But they sure know how to handle a bow! So you used your new troops and you liked them.

A lot of troops didn't like the army camps. They said: A camp needs food!!! I told you that when you upgrade your army camps, more people want to fight for you. So you did that, of course, I know you.

Around that same time, You made a new barracks. I know the other troop trainer, he is one of my best friends. Every time you are offline, we go to the town hall and have a drink.


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