• Buluga

    I am about to start my upgrade from Town Hall 7 to 8. I usually spend a little time before hand researching and compiling all of the available upgrades and new buildings. Sadly, after doing the leg work on Town Hall 8 I discovered that you only get one "New" building, the Dark Elixir Drill, and 14 additional buildings that you already have some of (I.E. Archer Tower) but of those 14 buildings, 6 are traps, so thats only 8 additional buildings and only 1 "New" one. Now, adding that to the fact that all of those buildings will cost you around 105 Million gold, and 65 Million Elixir (counting troop upgrades), I just dont feel very excited about the entire Town Hall 8. It feels like an expensive boring bridge to the fun that is TH 9

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