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Are Level 8 walls really nessesary for a th8?

Should a TH8 try to get level 2 golems or lvl 3 pekka?

My thoughts:

{Walls} I have maxed out all of my defences and buildings that require gold to upgrade (walls are not buildings lol) so now all I have to work on now with gold are my walls (most are lvl7 but some are lvl6).  I think that all lvl8 walls are a bit much, but I might go there due to the amount of gold that I may get while farming Elixir are Dark Elixir.

{Pekka} Why are lvl 3 PEKKA so much Elixir?  I think that it should have been 5 million instead of 6 million, but whatever.  I might not upgrade the PEKKA all the way because I will be using my Lab for Minions, Hogs and more.  If I get the chance I will though.

(Golems} I have only used golems 2 times, both in GoWiPe, and I crushed it.  The first time was an 86% 2 star and the second was a 100% 3 star.  Level 2 Golems are not really worth it because of DE zappers, you might as well wait til TH9 for better upgrades on DE Drills

Your Thoughts:


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