• CT Spartan

    Hello fellow clashers!

    Adults Only! No Kids! 18+ years old

    We have 3 level based clans with members all over the world and all different levels.

    Spartans Elite! - is our lvl 80+ clan that was formed to level out the War matchups and make them fun yet challenging.

    Spartans!!! - yes with 3 !!!, level 60 to 79, our original clan which grew and grew until we needed more room for all of our members.

    Spartan Feeder - our entry level clan up to level 59, a great clan with high level leaders to help you build your base and learn war strategies and attack plans.

    All three clans are ran by the same great people who love the game, all working together to make it fun for all of our members.

    We love war! It's the Spartans Way! The top 2 clans war twice a week, w…

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