Hello fellow clashers!

Adults Only! No Kids! 18+ years old

We have 3 level based clans with members all over the world and all different levels.

Spartans Elite! - is our lvl 80+ clan that was formed to level out the War matchups and make them fun yet challenging.

Spartans!!! - yes with 3 !!!, level 60 to 79, our original clan which grew and grew until we needed more room for all of our members.

Spartan Feeder - our entry level clan up to level 59, a great clan with high level leaders to help you build your base and learn war strategies and attack plans.

All three clans are ran by the same great people who love the game, all working together to make it fun for all of our members.

We love war! It's the Spartans Way! The top 2 clans war twice a week, we hit the war search button every Monday and Friday evening. We are not a non-stop warring clan, we believe a well thought out war plan is the best approach.  We try to keep the war numbers even so noone sits out a war, unless they want to.  That's the great thing about having numerous members and 3 clans, we can always shift people around to make the war numbers work in all 3 clans. Spartan Feeder wars once a week on Wednesday Evening.  We have found that building your base and learning how to war is best for new clashers.  Constant war is burdensome when just starting out.

Only a few rules in the Spartans Clan Family:

1. Use both War attacks, no matter what.

2. Attack the assigned base, do not attack whomever you feel like, we have a unique strategy that has won us many many wars. We win as a team, so selfish players are not welcomed.

3. Donate only what is requested, read the requests, if you don't have it, don't donate, it's that simple.

4. Have Fun! We have great members that have been together a relatively long time as well as new ones. A sense of humor is a must, we are all adults so you never know what the topic of the day is gonna be ;)

We do not trophy push, why do that unless you have a maxxed out TH10 base? Never have understood that.

No donation quota here, we have never had issues with donations in any of our clans. If you don't donate, it's obvious.

Elder and Co-leader is earned, voted on by the elders in the clans.  Be active, donate, participate in wars, have a good relationship with the other clan members and chances are you'll be noticed. Simple.

So if all of this sounds good, send a join request to our feeder clan, Spartan Feeder. Mention that you saw our post on the wikia forums, add your name and age. Untagged or plain requests may be rejected, especially during war days due to spying from other clans, which happens alot.

The elders will ask you some questions to verify age upon acceptance so please be ready to respond in a timely manner.  Once vetted, the elders will direct you to the appropriate level based clan.

Thanks for reading this! We hope to see you in the Spartans Clan Family!

Clash on!

~EagleClan~ Co-Leader of Spartans Elite!

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