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    "The Elixir World"

    November 14, 2013 by CajunSpice

    In Need of Low Elixir Cost - Troop Strategy

    Since the last patch a lot has changed with the "Elixir" World" and I find saving elixir more difficult. I have to spend it on troops, research, building upgrades and now add the spell factory. It didn't help that for the entire month of October the spell factor had a 1 gem boost that many of us have become dependent on. Most of my research upgrades are getting to be in the higher spectrum of the bank and I'm looking for options on troop builds.

    Here is what I normally run: 20 Giants (lvl 6), 2 Healers (lvl 3), 10 Wizards (lvl 5), The rest Minions (lvl 3), + a couple of healing potions.

    That equates to 150k elixir, not the greatest when your trying to do upgrades.

    Now the rest of the story; I'm lvl 8…

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