• CamelCase

    CamelCase here, again, telling you how to compose your army.

    Enjoy raiding!

    These depend on how many housing spaces you have.


    50% Archers, 50% Barbs. (Optional: 2 Lightning Spells and Barb King to KO Some Mortars)

    1. Remember to scatter troops around, as Mortars can instantly wipe out most of your army if you don't.
    2. Place all Barbs first as meat shields, then place the archers to do all of the damage.

    TH 10:

    2 Golems, 15 Witches, 3 Rage Spells, 1 Healing Spell and 1 Freeze Spell

    1. Place your Golems in the same place on the map, right after, place all your Witches down (preferably far behind so skeletons have enough time to spawn.)
    2. Every time they group together, place a rage spell and as soon as the Golems die, place a Healing Spell on the Witche…

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  • CamelCase

    New Shtuff

    June 5, 2013 by CamelCase

    Hey Wikia viewers, even though none of you will be viewing this blog post, here is a collection of some of the new stuff I'd like to add. Feel free to add: and griefers: YOU SHALT DIE BY THE WRATH OF THE DEVELOPER! It isn't JUST defences, but a whole lot of stuff I'd like to add.

    The defence towers we have at the moment in Clash of Clans have their different strengths but if you want to, add new defences here. NO GRIEFING PLEASE.

    • Quake Tower: Creates a compact earthquake around itself. Does medium damage and has medium range. Because the quake is so uncontrollable it slightly damages any part of your town in its radius.
    • Push Trap: Forces units that go in its radius around it, creating a nice little way to force units into the line of fire. On…

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