CamelCase here, again, telling you how to compose your army.

Enjoy raiding!

Any Town Hall

These depend on how many housing spaces you have.


50% Archers, 50% Barbs. (Optional: 2 Lightning Spells and Barb King to KO Some Mortars)

  1. Remember to scatter troops around, as Mortars can instantly wipe out most of your army if you don't.
  2. Place all Barbs first as meat shields, then place the archers to do all of the damage.

TH 10:

2 Golems, 15 Witches, 3 Rage Spells, 1 Healing Spell and 1 Freeze Spell

  1. Place your Golems in the same place on the map, right after, place all your Witches down (preferably far behind so skeletons have enough time to spawn.)
  2. Every time they group together, place a rage spell and as soon as the Golems die, place a Healing Spell on the Witches and a Freeze Spell on the last few defences (you probably would have taken most of them out)

This should get you a 2- or 3-star raid. :D

TH 6-8 (1000-1500 Trophies), 200 Housing Spaces:

1 Healer, 14 Giants, 8 Wallbreakers, 50 Archers, 50 Goblins, and 2 (preferably 3) Lightning Spells.

  1. Check where the Air Defences are. At this Trophy range, most people would have 2 or 3. Drop 3 Lightning Spells on the one that is hardest to reach, a few Archers to take out the second one and then drop a horde of Giants and some Wallbreakers. Make sure to drop them parallel to the Air Defence so they take that out first.
  2. Pop the Healer as close as possible to the Giants.
  3. Drop all your infantry at once (rest of troops) but put them on the other side of the map so that the Healer won't start healing the Goblins.

Note: At 1000 trophies, most people only have one Air Defence, so just bring 3 Rage Spells and let the Giants go for it.

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