Hey Wikia viewers, even though none of you will be viewing this blog post, here is a collection of some of the new stuff I'd like to add. Feel free to add: and griefers: YOU SHALT DIE BY THE WRATH OF THE DEVELOPER! It isn't JUST defences, but a whole lot of stuff I'd like to add.

New Defences

The defence towers we have at the moment in Clash of Clans have their different strengths but if you want to, add new defences here. NO GRIEFING PLEASE.

  • Quake Tower: Creates a compact earthquake around itself. Does medium damage and has medium range. Because the quake is so uncontrollable it slightly damages any part of your town in its radius.
  • Push Trap: Forces units that go in its radius around it, creating a nice little way to force units into the line of fire. Only works in one way. One-raid duration.
  • Acid Catapult: Hurls a ball of acid and rock at enemy units. Does splash damage and poisons units.
  • Lava Pool: A very expensive defence that units will walk into and be burnt. Is just a rather expensive version of the wall. It burns, doing damage over time as the units walk through it. Perfect for screwing up Giant attacks as they slowly trudge through f***ing burning hot bloody lava! Costs (gasp!) dark elixir!!!!
  • Selective Gate: Only allows certain units through. Probably not the best idea for Supercell, but would be good when units like P.E.K.K.A's and Golems come through.
  • Spell Shield: Shields certain parts of your village from people dropping Lightning Spells on your Air Defenses and your town hall. Shields only one building or 10 walls. Doesn't shield against Rage Spells or Healing Spells. If you choose to shield walls, it shields against Jump Spells but not Lightning spells and vice versa for buildings. Note: Hog Riders will not be affected when they jump over shielded walls. They will still jump over shielded walls. 
  • Sea Mine Lab: Produces Sea Mines, which 1-hit KO lvl. 1 Pirate Ships. If upgraded, produces more mines and higher-damage mines. Unlocked at lvl. 7 Town Hall, at the same level as the dark barracks.
  • Hidden Spell: A hidden spell will blast your enemies to dust! Choose from the Inferno or Lightning Spell.
  • Clan Spell Factory: Make spells to boost your reinforcements!

Thank you to Taekwonjames for the ICE BOMB idea.

  • Fake Ground: Dig up a bit of dirt, cover it up with some similarly colored netting, and watch the hilarity ensue.
  • Freeze Cannon: Incredibly expensive. Acts like the Snow Pea from PvZ 1 and 2. Slows down troops.

New Troops 

As this increasingly inaccurately named post continues to develop, here are some new units:

  • Banshee: Her howl terrifies even the bravest troops! New Dark Elixir troop: stops Clan Castle units from deploying if the Clan Castle comes into her range. Does medium damage from her shrieking howls of fear. Temporarily stuns Heroes.
  • Juggernaut: Death has come to your village if the Juggernaut is here! The Juggernaut launches a heavy spiked ball at the opponent. The ball goes straight through up to 2 structures and deals damage to both structures.
  • Demon: No-one can resist his possesive touch! The Demon is able to possess a building or Clan Castle troops, turning them towards your side! Doesn't attack and is pretty weak. Can't possess walls. DE Troop. When possessing, it immediately turns back into Dark Elixir.
  • Pirate Ship: These brave skeletons have decided to take to the water and fire from afar! With a really wicked range, the crew of skeletons will launch their bombs at Walls and any other punk that decides to get in its way. It can be defeated instantly by placing a Sea Mine in the water (or a mortar close by).
  • Rogue Mage: Banished from the Order of Wizards, this Rogue Mage will destroy spells with his arcane bolts of fire! Fires the same stuff as Wizards but destroys spells in the spell factory. 

New Heroes

Yes, I know that this is a REALLY controversial subject. Please give your ideas in the comments.

  • Goblin Monarch: Does 5x damage to resources and steals faster than a Spring Trap. 
  • Hyperborean: This ice-cool Giant will freeze up even the best defenses, freezing Cannons, Archer Towers and even Mortars. Get cool with the immortal Hyperborean.
  • Arch-Mage: The head of all the wizards this mysterious mage will fire bolts of pure and concentrated magic at everyone and everything that tries to kill him.
  • Archangel: The creme de la creme of healers, the Archangel heals your troops and will heal your buildings without the help of anyone.
  • Dragon God: The god of all dragons, the Dragon God breathes fire direct straight from the Sun. Toast marshmallows faster than you can say, "Don't burn me to a crisp!"
  • The Hog Rider Chief will jump over walls and hammer most things to a pulp. Kick butt with this awesome hero!

You can only take 2 heroes maximum into battle with you. You choose before you click the raid button.

New Spells

  • Shield Spell: The Shield Spell will give your units more max. hitpoints. Use at the start of a battle or don't use at all. Works VERY well with Healers or Healing Spells. (often confused with the Spell Shield)
  • Inferno Spell: This hot, hot spell seems pretty weak at first but can burn straight through even a well placed defense system.
  • Hyper Spell: Increases the rate of all units attacking.
  • Confusion Spell: Confuses defenses in the area.
  • Desecration Spell: Now, this one is just awesome. It targets the Altar of a hero and desecrates it, instantly killing the Hero with its altar desecrated. Very expensive, but that's the price you pay for 1-Hit Kill Heroes.

New Resources

OK, so this is also pretty controversial. Please don't burn me in the comments or you'll start a pretty damn epic YO MAMA war. 

  • Phosphorus: Harness the power of the heavens with Phosphorus! Mined from the skies, Phosphorus comes really quickly but is pretty worthless. 

New Special Troops

Upgrade your troops to the maximum level- then after that, use the Ultimate Laboratory to create special and new troops! Or use the Ability Laboratory to give your troops new and amazing abilities. (Both unlocked at Lvl. 3 Laboratory.)

You can choose from different branches to spend Elixir on.

  • Elemental: Choose from poison (continually loses health), explosive (splash damage), fire (spreads to adjacent buildings) and ice (stops from firing, has chance to 1-hit KO).
  • Special Abilities: Unlock these special abilities to destroy the enemy! Different special ability for each troop:
    • Barbarian Dervish: Attacks up to 4x as fast and hits adjacent buildings! (Upgrade abilities to max. level for best results)
    • Archer Hailstorm: All archers fire up to 30 arrows (depending on level of ability) which hit random buildings and deal 3x damage of normal arrows.
    • Goblin Loot Leech: Goblins immediately suck up to 3% of maximum loot without even having to do anything.
    • Giant Smash: Immediately destroys a random building a Giant is attacking and deals medium splash damage. The damage increases with level.

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