Starting a new clan can be really fun and exciting, and it also can be stressful and frustrating. When you start a new clan, you are the only one in your clan. The truth is, not many people will want to join your clan, no matter how much you offer. Think of it this way: would you be willing to join a clan with one member? This raises the question of HOW you are going to get a good amount of members in your clan. Trust me, it will be tough.



  1. Using the Ranking System
  2. Closing Tips

Recruiting Edit

First of all, you should start recruiting when you have a high trophy count. People would rather join a clan with a crystal leader, rather than a silver leader. From my experience, if you are master or champion, and you advertise your clan on global, you will have a full clan in a day. If you are silver, you might have a full clan in a year. If you are bronze or silver, it is recommended that you earn more trophies before beginning in this endeavor.

  • Get your friends to join, as you can trust them, and they

can help you recruit and scout.

  • Make your clan friendly, professional, and open environment.
    • You should develop relationships with your clan-mates. If

you don't socialize with new members, the next day you wake up, they will be in another clan.

    • Make sure you’re clan description appears professional. Take

a look at how some of the more powerful clans set up their description, and feel free to copy some of their rules and the way their description is written.

    • Always leave your clan OPEN; it would be unintelligent to

leave it closed. If you leave your clan on invite only, people might send a request, not get accepted (you may be away or asleep), and then join another clan.

  • Invite, invite, invite! Advertise on global, and invite all

the people in your league. Try to incite conversation, saying, “Hey (insert name here), how’s it going? Want to help out my new clan?”

  • You will need to donate powerful troops to make people stay.

Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, P.E.K.K.A.S. are troops that will make people stay. It may be a challenge to acquire all these troops, and then to train them whenever a donation request rises, but it will be well worth it.

  • If you give your clan-mates archers or the average barbarian

(these troops being low level), you may be donating troops that aren’t special enough to convince people to stay. Instead, donate something that will make them say, "Hey, this clan is special. I want to stay!”

  • Always offer troops to new clan-mates and, as a general recommendation,

be nice to them and welcome them into your clan.

Using the Ranking System Edit

When it comes to ranks, choosing who to promote can be very daunting. Giving “free” Elder to people is your choice. It is important to remember that they can kick out new, regular Members. Most importantly, make sure NOT to just hand out Co-Leader. If they ask for Co-Leader, kick them out. I know that this little tidbit is completely opposite as to what this guide has been suggesting, as you just lost one member, but more often than not, they will betray you. Remember, Co-Leader is the second most powerful and important position, and it should be given to trusted clan-mates instead of the newbie who asks without earning.

Closing Tips Edit

The biggest thing about starting a clan is making people stay. Loyal members are so hard to find, and you will find yourself playing a lot more given how often you’ll be recruiting.  At first, accept anybody, whether they have a Town Hall level two or a Town Hall level nine. After you've gained some loyal members, slowly raise the trophy, donation, player level requirements for your clan.  Remember, the most important thing is to not give up. At the beginning, the number of members in your clan will fluctuate; one day, you’ll have ten members, the next four. Sooner or later, after a period of recruiting almost 24/7, there will be a steady 45 members in your clan. Good luck to you starting your clan, I wish you the best.

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