A barbarian army a is a army of barbarians. This is a tip on how to use them.

This is how to use and make a barbarian army. This page is about how to use or make a barbarian army. [

How to make one

] To make a barbarian army all your army camps MUST be filled with barbarians. (A wall breaker is fine). A barbarian is the first troop to get unlocked in the barracks so you don't worry if your gonna not have one. (If your a newbie).

Offensive tip:                                         


lvl 3 barbarians or higher are perfect for this army.

Sending a army could be dangerous. Mortars could kill a group of barbarians so try to separate them for mortars. If you have lvl 3 barbarians then your fine. Your clan troops could also be filled be barbarians too. But your barbarians will sometimes form into a group of barbarians. (Every hit kills a barbarian but the groups will still be alive). But it is recommended to destroy the mortar first or any other towers that do splash damage. This army can do incredible damage and destroy buildings in seconds.

defensive tip:

You also use one defend but it isn't that much. If you have a fully upgraded clan castle you should be able to have 30 barbarians.

Thank you for reading!

The troop below is used in the article.


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