I often have a set up where my wizzard towers and mortars better cover my gold storages over my elixir storages. But when I upgrade a defence (spending all my gold), I find myself changing the positions of my gold storages and replacing them with where my elixir storages are so that if I get raided I don't loose which ever resource I have more of. 

So, to get to my suggestion (which I most likely could have articulated better), for the new update I would love to see the following:

Things that take up the same amount of space (a mortar and a archer tower for instance) or as the above example suggests, a gold and elixir storage should have the ability to 'exchange' places instead of having to drop one outside your base and do it like that. 

What you would do is, for example, click on your gold storage, and there would be an'exchange' button where all you need to do is click it and then click on another building that takes up the same amount of space and voila, they instantly swap with each other. 

Reading this back it sounds like a petty improvement, but I think it would also come in handy with reorganising your base defences when you are upgrading buildings. And would mean that when completely reorganising your base you wouldn't have to do that thing where you squeeze everything to the edges to do it because you could just 'exchange' things that were the same 'size'. 

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