• Chiefjimjim76

    Dear Fellow Clashers,

    How is everyones game play on CoC going? Mine ok..still a newbie, still making mistakes that any human player could possibly make and still contributing them via this Wiki.  Definitely progressing as things go, my defense is pretty decent with my loss of 1 game every seven.  But am i still marketable for you fellow clanners?

    I have created a new clan...Scorched Earth.  Possibly a mistake or a positive move in disguise.  I am currently recruiting, newbies, intermediates and advanced.  Im not looking for what you have to donate im looking for loyalty and assistance to be part of a new clan who just wants to be in the top 20.  I cannot acheive this great feat without you fellow clashers.

    Yes other clans are better but they …

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  • Chiefjimjim76

    Good Day All,

    Yet again I shall illustrate the humorous attempts of my Game Play with CoC.  This is Part II of a few days worth of installments following my life as a newbie player.  Catch the beggining of my journey here This post should hopefully highlight some mistakes and maybe some possible unintentional strategies for all of us to learn so we can be successfully prosperous in the Clash of Clans Game.

    DAY 2

    Yes I wake up excited to play, I open the app and build some troops and then start with im going to attack and earn trophies.  Yeah stupid move, if I attack before my shields expire then I wont have shields and definitely be an easy…

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  • Chiefjimjim76

    Good Day,

    While this particular blog is taylored to the Newbies such as myself im sure it would be just as humourously informative to all clanners.  This will be a week installment of how my gaming experience has been and what possible do's and don'ts (lessons learned) I have experienced.  Thank you for taking the time to read; I hope you find this blog segment entertaining and informatively enjoyable.

    DAY 1

    Who was on their android devices and iPhones looking at the suggested games apps and blew past Clash of Clans? I know I did until i say the commericial on cable and I was like screw it imma get that!  So thats how it began, 9:30pm (Mountain USA Time), I downloaded the game went through that dreadful but semi helpful tutorial.  I say dread…

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  • Chiefjimjim76

    Hello all,

    Yes i am a newbie and i am humble enough to request assistance.  I am currently at a TH3 with only 20hrs remaining on my clock, i only got 48 hours not 72.  I also regret not finding this wiki first to assist me!

    I am looking for some tips and guidance for me to achieve a decent layout so i may be excitingly competitive even at my diminitive level.

    My Stats:

    TH:3/Camp:lv2/Elixers:2 at LV4 Storage 1 at 4 one at 2/Gold mines:3 (2 at level 4 1 at 2) storage:2 (1 at level 3 one at level 4/archer tower:lv 2/cannons:lv 2

    Im looking for a decent layout that doesnt get me killed right away lol! Soon im going for mulitplayer combat, possibly tomorrow and wish to be competitive for all!

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