Dear Fellow Clashers,

How is everyones game play on CoC going? Mine ok..still a newbie, still making mistakes that any human player could possibly make and still contributing them via this Wiki.  Definitely progressing as things go, my defense is pretty decent with my loss of 1 game every seven.  But am i still marketable for you fellow clanners?

I have created a new clan...Scorched Earth.  Possibly a mistake or a positive move in disguise.  I am currently recruiting, newbies, intermediates and advanced.  Im not looking for what you have to donate im looking for loyalty and assistance to be part of a new clan who just wants to be in the top 20.  I cannot acheive this great feat without you fellow clashers.

Yes other clans are better but they started from somewhere.  Fellow Clashers belived in the Clan Leader and stayed with them, for most of the ride, helping and donating until the Clan has gotten successful.  I wonder how that felt to/for them.  The sense of pride and accomplishment they felt when doing such a feat.  Thats what i am looking for.  That sense of pride and accomplishement providing CoC with another prosperous clan.  Utilizing the Drake Theme Song "Started From the Bottom Now We're Here" lol!

So my clan Scorched Earth is about:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Donation
  3. Tips and Guidance
  4. Fun
  5. Maturity
  6. Being Active

If you fit in this category and wish to prosper from the ground up please join Scorched Earth. 

  • 400 Cups Minimum for now
  • Donate 10 Troops per day or when needed and requested
  • Try and donate what is asked for if you can
  • STAY LOYAL...I dont need 100 hoppers i need 10 loyal players

Thank you all clashers for hearing my respectful and humble request and I hope to be clashing along side of you under Scorched Earth's Shield soon!

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