Good Day,

While this particular blog is taylored to the Newbies such as myself im sure it would be just as humourously informative to all clanners.  This will be a week installment of how my gaming experience has been and what possible do's and don'ts (lessons learned) I have experienced.  Thank you for taking the time to read; I hope you find this blog segment entertaining and informatively enjoyable.


Who was on their android devices and iPhones looking at the suggested games apps and blew past Clash of Clans? I know I did until i say the commericial on cable and I was like screw it imma get that!  So thats how it began, 9:30pm (Mountain USA Time), I downloaded the game went through that dreadful but semi helpful tutorial.  I say dreadful because i already had the disposition that all stretegy games are the same, like Starcraft and Warcraft, etc.  Well Clash of Clans surely wasnt, but lesson learned: "do not use your gems during tutorial just wait the clock out."  You have a shield I wasn't even aware of, so like a true NEWBIE I spent some gems just blowing through the tutorial. 

Now im building blindly, another lesson learned: "read the wiki and a stragety guide like the one I posted on my page." Reading the Wiki will give you the insight needed before you even finish the tutorial so you can devise what to do next afterwards.  I truly wish I found this Wiki first and the strategy guide.  But oh well thats why I am sharing this info with you.  The strategy guide on my page is a pretty good resource, but dont be afraid to ask people from this Wiki and scroll through some of the pages to learn more info.  Information is Power!

So the first thing I get to building is a builders hut and I think some more resources, but not enough of course.  I went into building a barracks, training troops and even fences.  Wow I was all over the place thinking I will build evenly, wrong! Wwell according to what I read its wrong, but its doing OK with me.  Making things easier word of advice: "build all resources first and upgrade as much as possible prior to anything else because your shield is still active."

Well thats day 1 and I didnt play as much as I should of using the full extent of the shield...word of advice if you start the game go strong and use the most of the shield you can!  Stay tuned for another installment of Life of a Newbie Part II.

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