Good Day All,

Yet again I shall illustrate the humorous attempts of my Game Play with CoC.  This is Part II of a few days worth of installments following my life as a newbie player.  Catch the beggining of my journey here post should hopefully highlight some mistakes and maybe some possible unintentional strategies for all of us to learn so we can be successfully prosperous in the Clash of Clans Game.


Yes I wake up excited to play, I open the app and build some troops and then start with im going to attack and earn trophies.  Yeah stupid move, if I attack before my shields expire then I wont have shields and definitely be an easy target.  So word of advice: "Dont attack until you are 100% ready with the correct troops." '''I don't know what the hell I was thinking my barracks was a level 2 and my TH was only a level 2 as well, I guess excitement got to me.  Word of advice: "resources and upgrading is priority during the shield time." Yes that appears to be completely boring but it is a necessity!

Time management is the key and that i must say I was on the ball for.  I would set my alarm for the amount of lengthy time so i can check up on the game while things where being upgraded. As soon as one thing was done i would upgrade another, especially since I lost time while sleeping!  I would look sto see what was the most expensive and build that first then while waiting I would collect enough money to build something else.  Well in the beginning I dontthink that matters yet.  Build your gold and your elixer as many as you can and then build the storages as many as you can and upgrade them 1 level more than the collectors.  That will ensure you dont over exceed your storage.

Of course in between I have played some very dominating games against the computer killing Goblins.  The first 6 Games I played with 3 stars and total destruction.  Every time I was low on resources I attacked the goblins, why not right...its free stuff.  This Day is crucial as you need to start mapping out what you are going to do next. You cant excel without resources so if your trying to build balanced like I did, DONT! Get all the resources then defensive structures.

Stay Tuned for part III and thanks for reading!

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