Hello all,

Yes i am a newbie and i am humble enough to request assistance.  I am currently at a TH3 with only 20hrs remaining on my clock, i only got 48 hours not 72.  I also regret not finding this wiki first to assist me!

I am looking for some tips and guidance for me to achieve a decent layout so i may be excitingly competitive even at my diminitive level.

My Stats:

TH:3/Camp:lv2/Elixers:2 at LV4 Storage 1 at 4 one at 2/Gold mines:3 (2 at level 4 1 at 2) storage:2 (1 at level 3 one at level 4/archer tower:lv 2/cannons:lv 2

Im looking for a decent layout that doesnt get me killed right away lol! Soon im going for mulitplayer combat, possibly tomorrow and wish to be competitive for all!

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