• ChineseNiqqa

    Clan Bonuses

    July 17, 2013 by ChineseNiqqa

    This feature would be amazing, and it would put more purpose into clans.

    What is it?

    Clan bonuses.

    Clan bonuses would be for the whole clan when a certain amount of gold has been deposited in the clan by its members. Of course the rewards would not be too easily achieved because they affect everyone in the clan. 

    Currently, clans are not too useful as all they are used for is troop donations, and communication.

    Types of bonuses

    Bonuses that the clan would work towards could be split up into branches, allowing for more diverse clans.

    For example, if there were 3 branches, some people might prefer one branch over the other for their certain play style, so they'd find a clan thats progressing in the branch they want.

    3 possible branches could be Defeā€¦

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