• I live in The Underground
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is To Destroy Bases
  • I am a P.E.K.K.A.
  • ClashAndRekt

    Update Review

    March 29, 2016 by ClashAndRekt

    Hello fellow clashers, it's been a while. As in the title, I shall cover the new update.

    -I am neutral about the troop levels and clan wars adjustments.

    -I HATE THE TROOPS FLEEING THE POISON SPELLS. This makes the scaling damage affect in the poison spell completely useless and mostly renders the spell useless. In a attack I learned this the hard way as enemy troops fled my poison spells before any appreciable damage could be made.

    The bowlers are a waste to me. They haven't made a new troop for TH 8s in ages. WHY NOT MAKE THE ANTAGONIZER SUPERCELL!!! LISTEN TO PEOPLES IDEAS ON THIS WIKI INSTEAD OF MAKING RANDOM SHITTY TROOPS! 

    The new air defense graphics are shitty. Supercell please revert them back to their proper graphics.

    So overall the up…

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  • ClashAndRekt

    As a TH 8 GoWiPe is one of the fundamentally important attack strategies to master. With earthquake x4 it can ravage TH 8s and 9s alike.

    However, it is not without problems.

    When I GoWiPe a TH 7:

    When I GoWiPe a TH 8:

    When I GoWiPe a TH 9:

    When I attempt to GoWiPe a TH 10:

    So as you see, with each successive townhall, my attacks become less successful. However at the Town hall 7 to Town hall 9 levels, I am free to UNLEASH GOWIPEMAGEDDON!!!

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