• ClasherJessie

    Getting bored of dragon attacks?  Tired of seeing so many people use hogs?  Is Gowipe getting old?  What is another effective TH8 Attack Strategy?  The answer: Govape.  This strategy consists of Golems-Valkyries-Wizards-Pekkas.  What's amazing about this strategy is you can start using it effectively once you unlock the Golems.  Why Govape?  This is a common question that arises.  What separates Govape from other attack strategies?  Well, the most direct comparison is Gowipe.  The difference is Gowipe is an attack that relies on power and strength.  Govape relies on speed.  A common misconception is the strength or weakness of Valkyries.  Many users feel Valkyries are not beneficial when attacking.  This is simply not true.  Valkyries haveā€¦

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