Getting bored of dragon attacks?  Tired of seeing so many people use hogs?  Is Gowipe getting old?  What is another effective TH8 Attack Strategy?  The answer: Govape.  This strategy consists of Golems-Valkyries-Wizards-Pekkas.  What's amazing about this strategy is you can start using it effectively once you unlock the Golems.  Why Govape?  This is a common question that arises.  What separates Govape from other attack strategies?  Well, the most direct comparison is Gowipe.  The difference is Gowipe is an attack that relies on power and strength.  Govape relies on speed.  A common misconception is the strength or weakness of Valkyries.  Many users feel Valkyries are not beneficial when attacking.  This is simply not true.  Valkyries have a special knack for not only destroying multiple buildings at one, not only from flying around at lightning speed, but also for targeting enemy clan castle troops.  The opposing base layout truly dictates the troop composition.  At the minimum, it's best to use 8 Valks and a lvl 3+ Pekka in your clan castle.  It is optional to make a Pekka in your camp.  As for Golems, it requires 1 or 2.  The remaining troop space is used for your wizards and wall breakers.  So, how do you attack with Govape?  The same way you attack with Gowipe.


Create your funnel

This opposing base is clearly an Anti-Dragon Base.  Anti-Dragon/Hog bases are what Valkries flourish on!  The first step is to create your funnel.  As with Gowipe, drop your Golems at a safe distance from each other.  Drop wizards behind them to eliminate the collectors, mines, and other miscellaneous buildings.  Last, drop your Valkries and Pekkas in the center.  With all the defense weapons targeting the Golems, your Valkyries and Pekkas are wrecking havoc.  Best of all, they are doing it untouched!  


In the Core

Since your wizards destroyed the outer buildings and created your funnel, the Valkyries have no where to go but into the core.  Once inside, drop a Heal and a Rage Spell on them and the opponents core will be obliterated in a matter of seconds!!!!  After this, you're shooting for 3 stars and if many of your Valks are still alive, this will be no problem.

Another common question that arises is this: What if the opponent has a dragon in his/her CC?  This is a fair question.  If possible, lure the dragon out and destroy it.


Lure and Kill

In this attack, there wasn't a drag and it was an easy kill with my Poison Spell. In other cases, you would need to pull the dragon out of the base and use a few wizards.  If you are unable to lure the clan castle troops, then you have to compensate by dropping a few wizards behind the Valkyries when pushing into the core.  It's no different from Gowipe.  

Still not convinced this is an effective strategy at TH8?  Still think Gowipe is 10 times better?  Well, think about this: What is the kryptonite for hogs?  Giant bombs.  What is the krptonite for Pekkas?  Hidden Teslas.  What is the kryptonite for Valkyries?  Spring traps?  Also factor this: Valkyries have twice as many hitpoints as giants, not to mention their speed!  Their speed alone is what separates this from Gowipe.  Gowipe at TH8 is a guaranteed 2 Star attack, but it can often be a challenge getting 3 as a result of the slow movement of pekkas.  Govape is also a guaranteed 2 star attack with a great chance of getting 3!  

Want proof?  I'm not afraid to share my fails.  In this pic, you can clearly see that I made not 1 mistake, not 2, but several mistakes!  



What went wrong?  First, after luring out the dragon from the CC, I didn't get it far enough away from the exterior buildings, thus by distracting my wizards.  Therefore, it took more wizards than necessary to kill the dragon.  Next, I was not careful in deploying my Wall Breakers, and they were all killed by the mortars without even scratching the walls.  Last, I completeley forgot about my Barbarian King and his special ability.  This attack looks like it's going no where.  Needless to say, it turned into a 2 star attack despite my critical mistakes.  Those mistakes costed me the 3rd star, but the speed and power of the Valkries helped overcome those mistakes.  

Please keep in mind, I'm not saying this attack is better than all others.  This is just another strategy you can use to spice up the game.  The only real downside of this attack is it requires a lot of dark elixar.  If you struggle to acquire DE, it's probably best to avoid this strategy.  If you're a TH9 wondering if this will work, I'm not one that can answer as I'm only a TH8 at the moment.  I have seen others use this strategy at TH9, but it does seem more challenging facing the X-bows.  However, it is an extremely powerful and quick TH8 attack!

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