This blog pretty much goes on about my experience on farming, why I did it and how its going.

I started farming due to the fact I was getting wrecked by everyone because I did not fully upgrade everything. So, after thinking a while, I trained up some 20 barbarians, and went to random bases deploying 1 barbarian and surrendering, After I got my good ol' trophy count to less than 600, I fixed my base with the walls upgraded to 3-5 and my Town Hall thrown out like the 4-day old chicken leg I had in my fridge. Once I was done with that, I went off to upgrade every single one of my collectors very quickly....with 2 builders. When I was done fixing everything off, I went to my very uncomplicated strategy for loot collecting and troop training.

I needed some more income of loot, so I needed to train troops for raiding. I didn't want to spend like 1 million elixir on some giants and barbarians, so I decided to whip out my good old school friend, the calculator. I did lots of multiplying to find out how much elixir it costed to train. When I was done, I was off to raid. I found a decent base with over 30k of resources, so I decided to raid it with some giants, goblins, archers, barbarians and no wall breakers. I spent 15k in training, so that means I got 15k of elixir and 30k gold. The strategy i used is to not just spend all the troops I had in just one single raid like I did when I had high trophies. When I finished raiding I used my calculator to see how much elixir i spent using the troops and subtracting that amount from the elixir I gained. Now if you noticed I left gold out of the frame for a while, and thats because I'm extremly low on elixir because as I said before, I spent alot on troops and spells.

So now I'm still farming and will post updates everyday on this blog. Id like to also add I now don't get raided as much.

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