• Clashing Mom

    Hi Everyone,

    Well it is about 3 hours until the war is over and we are leasing 124-24...not a bad score. We are pretty happy because we lost our last two wars :(

    I have been trying to slow down my attacks recently because my strategy seems to be to bombard the village with all my barbs, archers and goblins...doesn't always work well. But today during my last attack during Clan Wars I should have bombarded the enemy...I think that is what was needed in reviewing the replay...I have lots to learn...that is why this game is great.

    I learned something from my 9 year old to take a screenshot on my I thought I would post a picture of my TH 7 Village here to share...but I cannot do it...I always get a permissions error when t…

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  • Clashing Mom

    War Day!!!

    May 31, 2014 by Clashing Mom

    Hi Everyone,

    Today is Battle Day in our Clan. Our clan is active and everyone is scrambling to claim which enemy village they will attack. I am recording each choice for our clan members...I wonder how it will turn out? We are trying to encourage everyone to participate in the clan and clan wars and I must say it is an active clan.

    I am curious to know how other clans choose which enemy base they will attack and how their clan keeps track? Any secrets or tips you care to share?

    Happy Clashing!!

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  • Clashing Mom


    May 30, 2014 by Clashing Mom

    Hello Clashers!

    Welcome to my blog about Clash of Clans from a mom's point of view. I am a mom who plays Clash of Clans with her two boys and husband. We are all in the same clan and have been playing together for a couple of months now. I am TH 7 and am busy upgrading everything in my village...I think I will be doing that forever...

    Are you a mom who plays Clash of Clans with your kids? Let me know...I am curious to see how popular this game is for those of us with children who enjoy the game.

    Happy Clashing!

    Clashing Mom

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