• Clashofclanduty230


    March 15, 2015 by Clashofclanduty230

    Have 14k gems at town hall 2?

    Don't spend them by gemming your town hall. They are used for boosting barracks, boosting mines/collectors, gemming troops, and buying all 5 builder huts.

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  • Clashofclanduty230

    Archer: *yawns* Time to raid today, maybe today i can go up to a wall quicker this time so i can destroy it finally!

    Cut to: kitchen with barbarian sitting at the table reading the Clash of Clans Gazette.

    Archer: Good morning Barbarian! What base should we raid today?

    Barbarian: Well archer, we are in Crystal I league and we should find a nice looted base because poor Barbarian King has been hibernating for 7 days because he was getting upgraded. He just stopped at 4 AM this morning. He hasn't seen good looted bases in 1 week, poor fella!

    Archer: Good idea!

    Barbarian: Remember archer this is wicked important, DO NOT shoot at walls this raid! That is the wall breaker's job. Last raid we only got 61% and we could've gotten the Town Hall if you we…

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