greetings fellow clashers!

i am  fourtunate enough to be the leader of Erocity, a clan of 45 people.

Erocity. with 14 war wins and a couple of town hall 9s we arn't a amasing clan, but we are easy-going and dont care if you trophy hunt or if you farm. curently we have 360 clan XP and are on our way to level 2. in total this league season our clan has donated 8 047 troops. i have recently gotten witches and i am happy to doantethem


most of these people are low level players town hall 5's so our clan has a limited viarity of town halls so i am making this aticile incase some people town hall 8+ would be interested to join

hopefully you see that we need more town hall 8's and 9's

join erocity, have cookies....*

*join, it's a VERY good reason.

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