best townhall =6

trophies =0-1400
this attack statagy is for trophy hunting and clan wars, it has been optimized for 140 troop space.
housing =120-150
archers = 5
archerlevel = 3+
giants = 15
giantlevel = 3+
wallbreakers = 6
wallbreakerlevel = 2+

wizards = 16
wizardlevel = 2+

healingspells = 2
healingspelllevel = 1+

step1 = lure out the clan castle with the archers, place them close to the castle but around exposed and undefened buildings if possible
step2 = if there is no clan castle procedd to step 3. if their is a clan castle lure them to the side of the base you want to attack and out of range of defences. once you have lured them s scatter all of your wizardsin a semi circle.
step3 = once the clan castle troops are dead drop all of your giants in the one place you want to attack. drop two or three wallbreakers to get you in the base.
step4 = when your giants have reached 1/2 or 3/4 health drop your first healing spell
step5 = when your giants drop health agian use your other heal spell
tip = drop your spells with the centre infront of your giants to heal them for longer

conclusion = if this statagy is used you can expect easy wins, but dont forget the heal spells they are the key!

EDIT: the attack statagies count this as spam so ive had to upload it here :/

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